‘Shadowhunters’: Why we need more “Sizzy” scenes moving forward

It’s no secret that Shadowhunters has been preparing to follow the The Mortal Instruments’ lead and eventually make Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood’s romance a reality. Although Simon is respectfully dating Maia and Izzy recently got out of a (short-lived) relationship, showrunner Todd Slavkin himself has been very open about “Sizzy’s” future via his twitter:

While this all sounds well and good, isn’t is possible that you can overcook a good roast to the point where your guests wonder why you didn’t just take it out when the time was right? And yes I am talking in food-related metaphors here, but I believe that “Sizzy” may be in danger of ending up like that poor roast that would have been perfect, had it been cooked correctly.

When it comes to romance in television, there are multiple different directions writers can take. A “slow burn” ship, is one that usually takes seasons to develop and ultimately tests both fans’ patience and their loyalty. However, because of the long agonizing wait and the subtle moments between the couples, it actually ends up having the most satisfying payoff. Why do you think ships like “Stydia” and “Bellarke” have developed such a massive online fanbase? In addition to all the things that make these relationships special and unique to fans, it’s hard to deny that the longer you wait for something, the more you want it.

Here I am going back to food again, but if an amazingly cheesy bowl of macaroni and cheese is delivered to me immediately, I am going to love it no doubt. Come on, it’s mac and cheese. But if I have to sit in a restaurant and wait an hour, you can bet I’m going to be wanting that mac and cheese more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. Then when I get it, I promise you it’s going to be the best damn thing I’ve ever tasted. But if I’m stuck there for 6 hours and my food is nowhere in sight, I’m just going to get up and leave. When it comes to building relationships on television, this is where threading the needle comes in.

There is a huge difference between dragging something out and building it up. The best relationships don’t just happen in quick bursts every once in a while. They are slowly but surely integrated into the narrative, in a way that makes it fit seamlessly into the show’s overall story. These relationships are built in a way that gives you good content, but doesn’t pull away attention from the show’s main focus.

Now don’t get me wrong, I live for slow burns. My favorite ships are the ones that are built on a strong foundation of friendship and take years to develop. But development is the key word here. It seems like “Sizzy” has been happening in quick bursts and will disappear completely for months at a time, which feels unfair to their story and unrealistic in terms of the bond they’ve been shown to have with each other.

You’re not going to win a race by running as fast as you can for 10 minutes, and then taking a 1 hour nap before going at it again. It’s all about the pacing.

I get that the show has other things to focus on and other great relationships to integrate as well. But when a ship that is clearly meant to be a main one is still greeting each other with “hey stranger,” in the middle of the third season, something doesn’t feel quite right.

When fans say they want more “Sizzy” scenes, it doesn’t mean they want Simon or Izzy to be disloyal to their significant others, or for their current relationships to be thrown to the dust. They just want to see a steady buildup of interactions, that is necessary for any ship to be a success.

As we move into Season 3B, Todd Slavkin has stated in an interview with TVLine:

“I would go so far as to say this is the season of “Sizzy.” In 3B, we really explore their relationship in a way we haven’t yet.”

It sounds like things may finally be moving along for the pairing, regardless of which direction they’re currently going. Whether they’re exploring their friendship, or a romance, one can only hope that the two will finally be sharing scenes that don’t discourage fans by following up with weeks of no onscreen contact. But let’s be real, even if the two only have one scene together, Rosende and Toubia’s onscreen chemistry is undeniable.

The final two episodes of Season 3A did feel promising, showing us just how much these two characters truly care about each other. As a fan of the show and “Sizzy’s” relationship, one can only hope that moving forward we are finally going to see Simon and Izzy’s relationship develop in a way that is superior to Shadowhunter’s earlier seasons.

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