‘Legion’ 2×07: What we learned and new questions we have

Legion, Season 2, Episode 7, “Chapter 15,” Aired May 15, 2018

Now that is more like it. I have been a little critical of the direction of Legion in the last few weeks, not much – just a little. Two of the last three episodes have not moved the plot forward, more horizontal stories giving background. Don’t get me wrong, the acting performances in these episodes have been amazing, I was just expecting more. Not this week however. This week, ‘Legion’ 2×07 got right back into the plot in a big way. There was a lot to unpack in this episode, so let’s get right to it.

What we learned:

#1 David’s not the only time traveler. Count me as one of the many people that was really confused by what Farouk was doing with his car in the beginning. He was hooking up a bunch of weird tubes to a bunch of weird slime and I didn’t understand a moment of it. It all became clear though when he ended up in the future to have a little chat with sad Syd. It was a great interaction between them, but we also learned something really important, David is the one who destroys the world. In hindsight, it all makes sense. David kills Farouk and most likely snaps and is unable to bring himself down. Hopefully, we get to see what a fully unleashed, mostly unhinged David looks like.

#2 No Limit. We already knew this, but this is something worth mentioning again, there is no limit to David’s power really. In this episode, we saw him freeze people, we saw him turn a weapon into a mop, and we even saw him pull infectious thoughts out of everyone’s heads for good measure.  Bit by bit we get to see a little more of how strong David actually is and I’m excited to see what he is fully capable of.

#3 Basket head’s true face. We finally got to see what was under the mask and it was….. well normal. Just a regular guy with some kind of injury. There has to be more to this character than what we are being told and it is going to be something when the final plan comes together. What we did see however was that it was not Division 3 that was infecting everyone. The mustache women seemed actually surprised by what was happening with the infected and the monsters that came out of them. But if not them who?

Questions we have:

#1 Where are the other personalities? We heard 2 of the other voices in David’s head having a conversation again this week. When are we going to see them however? Does David even know they are there? He never really seems to acknowledge them, but does he know what is happening inside his own head?

#2 Ptonomy? So we know that he died when that infection monster jumped out of him, but where did they stick his mind? The mustache women attached him to a tree and he ended up in a weird room with a creepy old lady that told him to be quiet. Um…. what?


Back on track

I loved this episode so very much, it really felt like they are setting us up for something big. My favorite episodes of Legion are the ones where I finish the episode looking at my wife wondering what it was I just watched. This episode delivered on that and then some. With only a few episodes left, there is a lot that Legion has to explain and get through in just a short time, but is there any doubt they will do it spectacularly? Not in my mind there isn’t.

Legion airs on FX, Tuesdays at 10/9c.


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