‘The Crossing’ recap: “Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream”

The Crossing episode 7, “Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream”, aired 14 May 2018.

Another episode and still no news of Emma Ren. They keep showing her in the ‘previously’ montage, so we haven’t seen the last of her yet…

Sheriff Ellis has Lindauer detained in the station. Lindauer tries to spin it such that Jude is trying to dramatise his small town life. Jude correctly guesses Lindauer as one of the First Arrivals. The mayor of Port Canaan shows up after getting a call from DHS. Jude tells her about the camp and the survivors. Lindauer offers to organise a town visit and tour to appease the mayor.

So there’s the premise of this episode: the survivors go on a day trip!

the crossing field trip

The Locket

Romantic subplot alert! Hannah, Roy and Marshall are all together in the same place! Hannah get chosen to be part of the first group to visit town. Jude and Nestor have Marshall hooked up as a tour guide so he can find out more about the camp from Hannah. “Like, a tour guide? I don’t know any of the town’s history.” “Why would you? You’ve only lived here your entire life.”

Roy notices Hannah and Marshall’s chemistry and gets jealous. Marshall, unaware of Roy and Hannah’s initial connection, keeps teasing him throughout the tour by purposefully getting his name wrong. Marshall kisses Hannah and the two sneak away. They take a speedboat to a more isolated part of the beach, to Roy’s despair.

the crossing abc marshall hannah kelly missal tommy bastow
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Hannah eventually tells Marshall that she is from the future, specifically a place called Nautolius, year 2194. There’s a future and a war. Marshall doesn’t know what to believe. He gets awkward and ditches Hannah under the pretence of getting booze. Nestor finds him moping at a cafe later. Marshall says he should have followed Claire to LA.

A dejected Hannah is wandering around alone when she finds a street cart owner selling her missing locket. Earlier, we saw the old man discovering it as he scanned the beach with a metal detector. Hannah insists on taking the locket, for which she is caught by an agent, EJ, who returns it. Roy takes Hannah back to the bus. When Hannah tells him it’s her locket, he appears unsympathetic, which saddens her further. However, Roy later returns to buy he locket. The man thinks Roy wants to woo Hannah, and, having seen Marshall’s photo inside, warns him not to open it. Obviously this makes Roy more curious, and he sees Marshall’s photo. Oooh, what’s gonna happen now?

the crossing abc grant harvey tommy bastow
image: The Crossing, ABC via twitter

Attempted reunion

Rebecca and Leah are also in the first group to visit town. Caleb is suspicious and thinks they should wait to see what happens to the first group. However, Rebecca doesn’t want to dampen Leah’s excitement. Jude offers to be their guide. He tries to ask Rebecca about the future, but she is hesitant to supply information. She does, however, express her concern that Leah will be marked when the other survivors figure her mother is an apex.

As Leah browses postcards in a gift shop, a man gives her a card with a message written in symbols on the back of it. Leah hides this from Rebecca and Jude. Meanwhile, Reece has been following Leah from afar. She sees Rebecca and Jude helping Leah on the swings. Later, the trio pass by a painted mural of a whale jumping out of the water. Leah recognises this form her postcard. She asks to go to the bathroom, where Reece retrieves her. They are stopped by Jude, but only so he can take Leah’s tracking bracelet off.

the crossing abc
image: The Crossing, ABC via twitter

Later that evening, however, Jude finds that it was “too easy”. Turns out, there was another tracker in Leah’s plush bunny. The getaway car is shot, smoke bombs are thrown, and Reece is outnumbered by the agents. Leah is carried away, but Lindauer, watching from afar, only seems interested in Reece.

New Girl

The other sick girl, with the brand, from last week turns out to be a survivor who has been in coma. She finally wakes up. She recalls being at the threshold with a man called Ivan/Evan who told her not to talk to anyone. When the nurses tell her no such person came through with the others, she seems satisfied. Then she declares she “has work to do”. She asks for markers.

The girl covers the walls of her cabin with symbols – the same ones Reece drew on Leah’s postcard. This garners the attention of the survivors who remained at camp. It seems like most of them, Paul included, don’t recognise it, but Caleb does. He visits the girl later at night and asks how she can write in apex. The girl shows him her brand, saying she “didn’t have a choice”. Caleb surmises she is/was/will be(?) an apex insider. Was she Reece’s informant?

the crossing naomi
image: The Crossing, ABC via twitter

At least this now explains the symbols seen in the background of some of the official cast photos. Roy, Lindauer, Foster, Caleb, Thomas, Paul, Marshall, and Leah have them. Whether they have a connection or not remains to be seen.

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The Crossing airs 10/9c on ABC.

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