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‘The 100’ 5×04 Review: “Pandora’s Box” is open and full of hugs!

The 100 5×04, Season 5, Episode 4 Review: “Pandora’s Box,” Aired May 15, 2018

Holy hell, that was insane! There may have been lots of hugging, but this was still a super dark episode! If you haven’t noticed, Season 5 so far has felt like a brand new show. Episodes 5×01 – 5×03 really showed how each group has changed and 5×04 is thrusting them into their new realities. If you thought that everyone was going to live in harmony in the valley, you were so, so wrong – also what the hell show have you been watching? There were so many side eyes being thrown between the groups that it was a little shocking that shit didn’t hit the fan sooner. Grab your war paint and let’s break it all down!

the 100 5x04
Colin Bentley/The CW

Bellarke. Before we talk about anything, we NEED to talk about that first Bellarke scene. The “she is” moment was amazing, but this scene is better. It is both killing us and giving us life AT THE SAME TIME! Getting to see Bellamy and Clarke interact without the weight of seasons 1-4 on their shoulders is pretty magical. There is such a long overdue happy moment here that really cements the value of the Bellamy/Clarke dynamic. Clarke is just in awe of him for coming to her aid and he is awe of her for saving them and surviving. There is a lot of joy in this scene and not one, but TWO Bellarke hugs! Let’s start our official Season 5 Bellarke Hug Count at 2!

Murphy and Raven. Now, for the second best part of this episode. It took a couple viewings for me to fully realize why I love this scene so much and I have figured it out. Raven and Murphy are sort of paralleling the Bellarke friendship/partnership and it’s pretty awesome. There are some major differences though. While Bellamy is a martyr, Murphy is survivor. Raven and Murphy didn’t flip their switch and make a sacrifice. They chose to live and also woke up 283 sleeping monsters. Whoops. What the Hell are they going to do now?

Bunker life. If you thought bunker life 6 years ago was rough, welcome to the blood soaked reality of Wonkru in the present. Marcus “Jesus Hair” Kane is in the ring and it’s completely jarring to see his former friends looking down on him as he prepares to fight for his life! The once mighty leader has fallen, but it’s not what you think. Kane is still looking out for the love of his life in this underground sea of chaos.

the 100 5x04
Colin Bentley/The CW

Fighting. The fighting is brutal and harsh, and is a pretty good analogy for what life is like in the Bunker – cut throat and merciless. Death is honored so even if you win, as Kane finds out, it doesn’t mean you are safe. Win the fight, save your life BUT you also have to win over the crowd to gain your freedom. It’s such a harsh new approach and for a group of Vitamin D deprived peeps, they sure know how to throw down! What’s even more eerie is the stone faced (on fleek AF) leader, Octavia looking down without a word. Also, when are we going to hear more about the dark year?

Diyoza’s master plan. It’s all starting to make sense now! After learning that Diyoza was a Navy Seal turned terrorist, you may have wondered what the hell she was doing agreeing to Bellamy’s plan, but now we know. Girlfriend is looking for a doctor and she found one. If you thought it was the harsh realities of the future that made everyone so cutthroat, the Prisoners are walking proof that humanity has always been this way because these peeps were around before the world ended (the first time).

Raven vs. Zeke SHAW. We are loving the Murphy and Raven dynamic, but there is something super intriguing about the idea of Shaw and Raven. Up until now, there hasn’t been a person alive that could go toe to toe with Raven on an intellectual level. Shaw can (sort of) keep up, but he is still no match for her. He is also not as deep into this as Diyoza and seems to have more of a moral compass. We hope that these two will meet face to face and maybe even join forces.

Kabby. These two need an extended spa weekend. The Bunker people have had it the worst out of all of the players involved. They didn’t get to chill in space or draw by the river. They never stopped living by their survival instincts and it shows. They are just fucking exhausted. And Abby’s addiction doesn’t make anything about this any easier. Kane must sacrifice himself for Abby multiple times and you have to wonder if he is doing it to save her or to lose himself.

the 100 5x04
Colin Bentley/The CW

Red Queen. Octavia is Jaha’s harshest prodigy yet and it’s so surprising. Octavia hated Jaha more than anyone, but she is really taking his death bed advice to heart. When Bellamy drops through the floor to save them all, and suddenly Octavia’s rule has shifted. She hasn’t had to answer for her ways, but now that her big brother is home – she has some explaining to do. It’s also interesting to see her sigh of relief when the previous leaders come back. She clearly still cares for her people, but you can see her briefly yield to Bellamy because she trusts him so much. It doesn’t last long though. Long live the Red Queen.

That episode was so intense and set up the for the rest of the season has us both excited and absolutely terrified. War is here! Is it too late to go back to the ring?  What did you think? Tell us your thoughts! Hit the comments or find me on twitter AND check out our The 100 Fandom Page for all of your The 100 news, recaps, and polls!

Season 5 Bellarke Hug Count: 2

May we meet again!

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