‘Shadowhunters’ mid-season finale review: 3×09 “Familia Ante Omnia” & 3×10 “Erchomai”

‘Shadowhunters’ Season 3 episode 9 “Familia Ante Omnia” and Season 3 episode 10 “Erchomai” aired May 15th 2018

The two part finale of Shadowhunters went in so many unexpected directions it was hard to keep track of everything that was happening. There was action, there were tears, there was heartbreak, and there was that HUGE cliffhanger that left us with our mouths hanging wide open.

Although I knew that Shadowhunters wasn’t going to kill off their protagonist in the middle of the third season, these episodes had me questioning everything. Instead of giving Clary time in lockup and giving everyone a chance to save her, Clary was being prepped for her execution right from the get go. It felt like barely two minutes had passed and Clary was already in line on death row.

Thankfully, her wits managed to get her out of the situation when she offered to bring Valentine back, but everything just sped right out of control. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect to see Valentine again, and seeing him in the…undead…state he was in left me feeling just a little woozy. It was still an interesting plot device to bring him back to spice up the story, even though Clary ends up killing him again before the episode ends. Of course, nothing’s ever that easy and Clary is immediately captured by Jace right when we think she’s finally in the clear.

Simon’s arc these episodes was probably one of the most heartbreaking things Shadowhunters has done yet. They created a character full of positivity and brightness, and put him in a situation that had him thinking he was a monster. Simon has always been my favorite character, but I’ve never felt for him more than I did in that moment with Izzy.

Simon: “I tried to live a normal life. But there’s nothing normal about me anymore. The way my mom looked at me…she was right. I’m a monster.”

Isabelle: “No, you’re not. You’re a good man Simon Lewis. And we’re gonna get through this. Together.”

Izzy’s undying loyalty and support for Simon had me in tears as of itself. Simon is forced to make his mom believe him to be dead, and it’s very clear that this is the hardest thing Simon has ever done. The moment he comes out of that room and breaks down in Izzy’s arms, the last bit of my sanity left me and I found myself sobbing with both of them.

Sizzy wasn’t the only ship rolling out all the feels. Magnus’ desire to help Alec no matter the cost to himself was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. In a beautiful scene between the two, they share a kiss followed by an “I love you,” before Magnus goes to visit the last person he ever wanted to see. His father. If there was ever any doubt (and there shouldn’t have been) Magnus has made it clear that he will do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves. Although Magnus probably would have done it for Jace anyway, he knows that losing your Parabatai is like losing a piece of yourself, which is something he wants to protect Alec from at all costs.

The ending was completely insane to put it lightly, but getting Jace back made all of the hardships this season seem worth it. However, that’s probably about the only thing that went right. When Simon goes after Jonathan’s body, Lilith attacks him activating the Mark of Cain. While they were hoping it would just take Lilith out, it appears to have killed someone else as well.

Jace finally makes it upstairs only to be told by Simon that Clary is dead as well. The heartbroken look on Jace’s face was enough to break even the toughest of hearts.

Really Shadowhunters??? You’re gonna leave us on that note?

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