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The fairest of ‘Once Upon a Time’ moments

The story may be ending, but that doesn’t mean Once Upon a Time has to be forgotten. Seven seasons, 155 episodes, countless moments we’ll always remember. A show about hope and love, it has given the fandom so much. We see ourselves in these characters; our hearts have broken alongside these characters; we have watched stories play out that we can only ever imagine. So, here are my top best moments from OUAT, not in order. PS…I have no clue how many moments it’ll be, but I’ll promise to keep it bearable. Also, I made the gifs, and I am by no means a pro at it!

Evil Queen crashing Snowing’s wedding


This is where the story began, and what a story it was. This is an obvious choice, but it’s held a lot of the groundwork for the overall plot of the show.

A Happy Beginning


Everything about this scene is perfect…and meaningful. Emma Swan finally got her happy beginning with the man she loves. Also, this song is such a jam.

Captain Swan’s wedding vows


On the topic of true love and weddings, Emma and Killian’s wedding vows just proved they were made for each other. If you didn’t shed a tear during that scene, you are a robot. It was never an easy road for them, but their hearts now belong to one another.

Introduction of the Wicked Witch


There was something about this introduction that just gave me goosebumps. Perhaps it was the nerves coursing through of another villain roaming about. “The Queen may be evil, but I’m wicked, and wicked always wins.” Shivers!

Belle and Rumple building a new life


This scene was just really sweet, okay? There was no more darkness; there were no more secrets or deceit. It was just Belle and Rumple starting anew together.

Emma and Hook’s first kiss


A one-time thing…okay, Emma. This was the Captain Swan gamechanger! Emma finally gave herself a moment to be weak with Hook because let’s be honest, how can you resist him? None of us could handle it, least of all Emma or Hook.

Emma breaks the curse


And the curse was finally broken after 28 years, thanks to our favorite Savior, Emma Swan. This will forever be an iconic scene because lost girl Emma finally found her family. It’s what she deserved.

Heroes and villains fight on the Jolly in Neverland


I just thought this scene was really funny and memorable, and I have no idea why. They are all are just like “let’s fight in the middle of a life-threatening storm. Seems reasonable!” Unicorn stickers were not going to help anything.

Hook’s proposal part 2


This one was so much better than the first proposal. I cried over both, obviously, but this one held more sentimental weight. Everything was out in the open; Emma and Hook could finally begin their life together being by each other’s side no matter what.

A Swan-Jones baby on the way


The Swan-Jones family is growing. When Emma announced she was pregnant at the beginning of this season, I don’t think I’ve ever fangirled so much. Emma’s getting a second chance at a family with her true love and baby daughter, which it was totally confirmed as a girl by Jen herself.

Charming’s dramatic musical entrance


This is so extra, and I love it so much. Now, this is how you make an entrance. Take notes, people. Just watch this on loop because this is the best.

Hook becomes the Dark One


Dark Hook was THE BEST! I really wish we would’ve had a little more of him. This was, by far, one of the biggest plot twists on the show.

Zeus resurrects Hook


I love this scene so much. Hook and Emma fought so hard for their love, and Zeus knew that. Or he was just a really big Captain Swan shipper. Honestly, same. It was a bittersweet moment, for sure.

Cruella in the Underworld


Cruella hitting on Hook and King Arthur in the Underworld was everything! She was always such a funny character, but this really cemented it for me. She may have been the funniest on the show.

Robin saves Regina


Before you all start throwing your laptops at me, hear me out. This moment was so meaningful because Robin was literally willing to die for Regina. That’s how much he loved her. That is so freaking strong.


So many amazing moments. What is your favorite moment? Sound off below or tweet me!

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