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‘Supernatural’ 13×22 recap: 11 best moments of “Exodus”

Supernatural 13×22, Season 13, Episode 22, “Exodus,” aired May 10, 2018

So much went down in that episode and we are still trying to sort through what it will mean going forward. Will Michael and Lucifer make it back to destroy the world? Will the Apocalypse World people freak out when they realize they can’t get back without an Archangel? This season has been a wild ride for sure!

11 best moments of Supernatural 13×22

#1 Lucifer joins the team. While WE may love Lucifer, the team does not. Honestly, with everything they have gone through, why can’t they just TRY to forgive Lucifer a little? They became cool with Crowley and Rowena after all that they did!

supernatural 13x22

#2 Bro hugs. These just never get old! Give us more!

#3 Mary punching Lucifer. That was frickin’ wonderful. Yes, this contradicts what we said in #1, but he deserves all of the face punches he gets – that’s for sure.

#4 Lucifer and Jack. Wow, Lucifer is so incredibly terrible at this first Dad talk, but it’s so entertaining. While we totally understand why everyone is so worried about this partnership, we also understand why Jack deserves to know his dad.

#5 Bobby Singer! Even though it’s not our Bobby, it’s still great to see him and what’s left of that world’s salvage yard. This show is so incredibly unique in it’s ability to cycle characters in and out. Can they go find Jo and Ellen in that world too please?!


#6 Apocalypse Castiel. WHOA! Not sure if it’s the accent or the dead eye, the lip twitch, but this dude is creepy AF!

#7 Gabriel and Lucifer. Well, this was a confrontation that has been a long time coming. Gabriel finally got to put Lucifer in his place, but sadly – he still got the blade. Michael, you suck.

#8 Ketch and Charlie. This is a match up we’d never have called, but they actually work pretty well together!

#9 Dean and Lucifer fixing a bus. Did you ever think you’d see that? Honestly, how crazy was that?

#10 Everyone made it! Well, not everyone. Poor Gabriel keeps dying. We need a protective bubble on that guy. And Sam stopped Lucifer from returning with them. Yikes.


#11 Bro time. This is not the brother team up we want to see. And I know we aren’t supposed to feel bad for Lucifer being left behind, but that was sad. Also, without Lucifer, how are they going to get back? Sam just gave Lucifer some angry motivation and Michael an partner in crime. Not good.

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