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‘Once Upon a Time’ part I finale: “Homecoming”

We are heading into the final hour of Once Upon a Time. I am a mess; this season flew by. Part 1 is just the beginning of defeating the final big bad, but it won’t be easy. It was so fun seeing some of the old villains and heroes in this episode. Nostalgia at its finest.

A happy beginning…not quite


The curse is broken and everyone should be celebrating, which they are. Everyone is having a good ole time, but Alice and Hook are still cursed from one another. Seriously, why is that still not fixed? Meanwhile, Henry and his little family are having their own celebration, complete with cupcakes and a single candle. Sound familiar? As Henry mentions, this is how Emma and he were reunited way back when. I just love these Emma references scattered throughout the season. After all, she was and is the heartbeat of the show. Then, bam, Wish Rumple comes to destroy their happiness, trapping Ella and Lucy into a snowglobe thing in the Wish Realm. Oh boy.

Regina goes to search for Facilier because, like, he just disappeared. What she finds is not Facilier, but Gold trapped in between the fountain. Doesn’t he still have his magic—couldn’t he just have poofed himself out? Nevertheless, Regina helps him escape. This is when Regina’s philosphy of this family “kicking ass” takes effect. Woo!

A coward’s way


The original squad, composed of Henry, Regina, Gold and Hook are determined to find Henry’s family in the Wish Realm. With the help of a magic bean, a portal is open to the other realm. Imagine how easy it would have been for everyone in Storybrooke in the beginning of the series if magic beans were easy to come by. “Those are not easy to come by,” Emma might say.

The four get separated, landing Regina and Henry into Rumple’s Dark One castle, which doesn’t look like a fun place. I would be bolting right out of there. There, they come across some old foes, like Peter Pan. Oh, and even Cruella makes an appearance, and she’s still just as evil as ever. She was one of my favorite villains; I always appreciated her witty remarks. Not to mention we got a sword fight between Henry and her, which was the best thing ever. Omg. On the other side of the realm, Gold and Hook land on Gold’s old stomping ground. The place where his cowardliness began, with an unpleasant flashback of him injuring himself.

Mischievous wish Henry


I’m going to let you in on a little secret that might be unpopular in the fandom, but Henry has never been my favorite character. Until Wish Henry came about. This Wish Henry is a little spitfire, and it is everything! He just wants to find love and be happy after his grandparents were murdered and his mother taken away from him. However, he still doesn’t want to involve himself into Rumple’s deals. Until he does.

Gotta do what you gotta do


Gold and Hook wind up back at Hook’s cave hideout where Ariel pays them a visit with some helpful squid ink. It’s always nice to see Ariel again! Hook and her’s friendship was a great one throughout the series. With that in hand, they set off to destroy Wish Rumple. You’re going down, dude. Also, a moment to appreciate how amazing Robert Carlyle is as Dark One Rumple. The four find one another and regroup. After Wish Rumple shakes up the game, they have no choice but to separate again. Regina chases after Gold, and Hook and Henry set off to the library to find a spell to help his family escape. But Henry has other ideas and has to knock Hook out with a candlestick (so extra!) to get his way. You put down that pen, Henry Daniel Mills! We also get to see the Apprentice who gives Henry some wise words. He can’t rewrite a story…that’s abuse of the pen. You should know this!

Gold and Wish Rumple have a little face-off where Gold is able to use the squid ink on his other, less pleasant self. Then pops in Regina, and things get a little messy. Wish Rumple ends up knocking Regina out and getting away with the Dark One dagger. Also, he comes into possession of the author’s pen. This is where things start to go down. Gold was about to risk Henry’s happiness for his own, but I am so glad he came through. Well, was about to. Also, that jabo Henry made to Regina about who really deserves a happy ending. You may be right, but ouch.

Welcome back to Storybrooke


Wish Henry has teamed up with Wish Rumple after all. But not before his mischevious quip to Regina: asking her is she’s here to finish the rest of his family. Oh, dang! I like this side of Henry; it’s entertaining. This is so complicated now. As if it wasn’t before, I know. Wish Rumple gives the pen to Wish Henry. Mwahaha and has him put into effect that the Guardian will not have control over the dagger. Oh gosh. Now we are really in trouble. Not even Henry can talk sense into young Henry. I realize now how weird that sentence is.

Back in Hyperion, Alice feels the danger her father and his crew are in. Okay, that pun was unintentional, but I’m actually proud of that. With Robyn, they go to Tiana asking for help. Even though Tiana is having trouble regaining her Queen power, she steps up to the challenge, requesting that if anyone has anything that’ll open a portal to hit her up. Thankfully someone does, and off Alice and Robyn go. But wait…they’re going to take a pitstop before heading to the Wish Realm to recruit some help. That’s right, Oncers, we’re heading back to Storybrooke to see some of our faves. Remain calm!

Next week is it. Stock up on tissues and ice cream, or whatever you may need to get you through the end of an era. Honestly, it is an end of an era. I’ll be writing a few articles this week as a sendoff,  so look out for those. What did you think of this episode? Sound off below or tweet us at Pure Fandom!

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