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‘Riverdale’ 2×21: 16 most WTF moments from “Judgement Night”

Riverdale 2×21, Season 2, Episode 21, “Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgement Night,” Aired May 9, 2018

It was the most shocking, not shocking episode yet – but it was 100% full of crazy moments! Also, we are of the opinion that a certain main character is just down for the count, not dead. NOT DEAD – you hear us universe? We refuse to accept this fake out. We also saw yet another “conclusion” to the derailed Black Hood story-line and some super crazy attacks. Let’s break down the 16 most WTF moments in Riverdale 2×21!

16 Most WTF Moments

#1 Cheryl is attacked. This girl is amazing. She is attacked by an ax wielding murderer and finds time to grab her fierce AF red hunting cape and archery set to take him down. Werk gurl. She is everything we love about this show.

#2 Hiram’s ways. And this dude is everything we hate about this show. We long for the days when Hiram was locked up and just a passing thought. Now he is the king of starting drama and he has consistently ditched the people who thought he had their back. First Archie (when he was kidnapped) and now with Reggie, not to mention his wife and child! HIRAM IS THE WORST!


#3 Riots. Okay, so this town hasn’t been peaceful in some time, but hot damn. This is insane. Cars are on fire, people are in the streets, and the two cops in town are just doing some paperwork inside.

#4 Mrs. Clump shot Fangs. It wasn’t Reggie, it was Midge’s mom! It makes sense that she would be angry, but not cool Mrs. Clump. Also, only on this show would she be apprehended by a mob princess.

#5 Black Hood bounty. The Lodge’s putting a million dollar bounty on the Black Hood would be good if it wasn’t for totally selfish, political reasons. And it seems pretty illegal to say that you prefer they are brought in dead. Also, while looking for her money that Hiram is offering up to the town, she stumbles on a smear story that will hurt both Hermione and Fred. Ugh.

#6 Ghoulies are back! Okay, whoa. Also, poor Pop’s. Can we all just agree that Pop has had enough and pool our money so this nice man can retire far away from this gang-tastic nonsense?

#7 Hot Riverdale Dad’s to the rescue. In a town overrun with gangs and serial killers, thankfully there is a hot dad squad ready to throw down!

#8 Penny is back. This episode is just the party of the psychopaths and she is the Queen Bee of crazy!

#9 Hal is the Black Hood! Sorry, but this was kinda lame. Hal is better than this crummy wrap up and the Cooper women deserve a richer plot to play with. Since there is yet ANOTHER Black Hood out there (the one that shot Fred for the second time), I think we can assume that we will see that all come out soon – hopefully this time without a projector.


#10 Lodge ladies. Holy crap. The son of Papa Poutine is out for blood! He kills the driver guy and nearly kills the Lodge ladies, but Hermione takes him down!

#11 Cheryl saves the day! The Serpents have an archer and it’s the best thing ever. She is the hero this show needs. (Sorry, Arch.)

#12 Fangs is dead. That is super sad because he really is just a victim here and now the Serpents want blood. They are going to have a rumble or something. They know it was Mrs. Clump, but nobody seems to care.

#13 Alice Cooper. She is shit talking Hal during his villain monologue. LOVE. HER.


#14 Jones boys are fighting. We can take a lot from this show, but we can’t handle when our Jones men are at odds. Nope.

#15 Jughead’s sacrifice. Holy shit – Jughead finally put all of the pieces together. After he realizes that Hiram is the puppet master for all of the drama in the town, he offers himself as a sacrifice to prevent any more death – but the Ghoulies have no honor. FP carrying Jughead out of the woods (so many Batman/Robin vibes) was heartbreaking. We don’t think he’s dead, but he is badly injured.

#16 Hiram’s mistake. Hiram has been working so hard to shake the town apart, but by partnering with the Ghoulies to start trouble – he may have actually united the town! Up until now, the north-side and the south-side have been fighting each other, but Hiram Lodge may have just given them a common enemy to unite them all on one side.

Best Quotes:

“I only miss when I mean to.” – Cheryl

“Why did Reggie have a gun?” – Kevin (aka, the only sane person on Riverdale)

New Spinoff ideas:

Hot Dads of Riverdale (YASSSSSS)

Cheryl, the Scarlet Huntress 

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