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‘The Flash’ recap: 4×21 “Harry and the Harrisons”

The Flash season 4 episode 21 “Harry and the Harrisons” aired May 8, 2018.

Ah yes, it’s that episode. It’s not truly a season of The Flash until you remind everyone of Tom Cavanagh’s proclivity for playing just about any personality.

The Council Reconvenes

Harry wonders why Clifford DeVoe has not already pulverised everyone’s brains. He and Cisco seek advice from the other Wellses. However, Herr Wells (the one with glasses and a turtleneck) decides Harry is no longer smart enough to be on the council.

the flash harry wells tom cavanagh
image: the CW

Cisco then calls on the “emotionally capable” Wellses – the playboy Wells, hip hoppy Sunny Wells from Earth-24, and french poet HP Wells. The Wellses basically tell Harry that he has all the answer in his heart. Now, let’s meditate to put ourselves in DeVoe’s shoes.

Harry expectedly doesn’t buy into this emotions business. Annoyed, he clears his workstation since he is no longer smart enough to use it. However, when he gives Cisco a surprisingly genuine apology for snapping, he recalls Cecile’s comment about having EQ as well as IQ. He doesn’t need to get inside DeVoe’s head – he needs to get inside his heart! Eventually Harry realises that DeVoe must be waiting for his wife. But where is Marlize?

An Unorthodox Approach

I must say, Joe and Caitlin was not a team-up I was expecting, but I must say it was quite nice. The detective finds Caitlin trying all sorts of medical tactics to reawaken Killer Frost. He suggests she may be approaching the problem from the wrong angle.

His advice becomes a running point throughout the hour. The team is working on finding an organic weapon since DeVoe can control tech. Caitlin suggests that what they needs is not an object but a person – Amunet! The underground dealer’s shards are neutral and connected to her DNA. However, it appears Amunet has abandoned her boxing ring operation.

Cisco finds Amunet’s former name – Leslie. From there, they quickly find her last known address. Caitlin and Joe check it out, and the former confesses she has an ulterior motive: Amunet has a splicer that could bring back Killer Frost. They find Amunet running an illegal but not meta-related gambling den.

At Star Labs, Amunet recognises The Flash as Barry from prison. She tells the team that someone stole her stash of shards. If they help her recover them, she will help stop DeVoe. Caitlin also strikes a private deal with Amunet – the splicer for a favour.

Snakes in the grass

The team eventually find Norvok was the one who stole the shards. However, they cannot locate him. Caitlin takes her frustration out on everyone. Joe makes her tell them why she really wanted to work with Amunet. The lady herself speaks to Caitlin to calm her down, and reveals a secret: the splicer hadn’t actually worked! Caitlin was just so desperate that it had a placebo effect. Somehow Amunet links this to Norvok’s location. He is in an underground warehouse selling the metal shards to some mafia business guy.

the flash catilin snow amunet black
image: the CW

The Flash and Amunet attack Norvok, but he gets the upperhand. He sprays snake venom on Barry and uses a super-vacuum-thing to siphon Amunet’s shards from her. Luckily, Joe and Caitlin do a better job with the businessman. They open the crate and Amunet quickly draws on her backup shards. Caitlin convinces her not to kill Norvok, so she settles for cutting off the snake. Iris talks Barry through phasing away from the venom.

Amunet is about to leave without upholding her end of the deal. However, she finally relents and gives some of her metal to Caitlin. Then she flies away in a tornado of metal pieces. She can do that?!

Caitlin treats Joe to coffee for his support and advice.

“You were right.”

One of my lecturers in college once told us a story about a debate he had with his now wife. His research ended up proving his wife’s initial theory. He finished the story by telling us the three most important words in a relationship: “You were right.”

Now what does this have to do with The Flash?

The C plot this week was about Iris. She wanted to publish an article about DeVoe so the people of Central City could prepare themselves. Barry felt it was too risky. The team have always kept their work lowkey, and he’s just not sure the citizens will rise up positively as Iris hopes.However, seeing Amunet give them her metal made him change his mind. And Mr Bartholomew Henry Allen finally told his wife the three most important words in a relationship: “You were right.”

the flash barry allen iris west westallen
image: westallenolicitygifs on tumblr

For what it’s worth, the people of Central City respond to Iris’ article with citizen science. Or rather, a citizen crimewatch, reporting locations they may have seen DeVoe. There’s nowhere he can hide!


  • “That was very genuine.” “Well, I meant it.” “I can tell. There’s no snark, you’re not throwing anything…”
  • “Decrepit? That’s a big word for such a small man.”
  • “But the snake has to go.”

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(featured image: the CW)


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