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3 ‘Once Upon a Time’ arcs that we LOVE

We all have our favorite season or half of a season for a show. With Once Upon a Time, we have been lucky to get many arcs and seasons. In fact, it’s hard for me to just pick the top 3 arcs that I enjoyed, but “I love a challenge.” If anyone got that reference, you win. And if you don’t, go back to watch Captain Swan’s first adventure up the beanstalk. So, here are my top 3 favorite arcs from the show in order:

Dark Swan/Camelot


This is quite the controversial season with the fandom, as I’ve seen a lot of dislike towards this particular half of the season. However, I am in love with this half of the season. Dark Swan is my favorite, and to make it even better, Dark Captain Swan is a thing, which I love even more. I could have totally gone for some more Dark Captain Swan, even though it made me cry a lot. The pain was worth it though. I liked seeing the light of the show turn dark and how the other characters dealt with that. It was a huge change of pace, but it was unique and fun. The alternating between Camelot and Storybrooke only added to the intrigue—we saw the quest to be rid of the darkness and the ultimate result of Emma’s darkness. And Hook’s.

Also, this season has one of the biggest plot twists ever on the show. My first watch of the show, I definitely never expected that Emma turned Hook dark. Needless to say, when it was revealed he was a Dark One, I spit out my coffee.  I didn’t because that’s gross, but there was definitely some screaming involved. Also, I really thought King Arthur was a good villain, a douche canoe, but a good villain. He was so sneaky. Plus, adding Hook and Emma as the villains of the arc, sign me up. Although, they didn’t really work together as villains, which made me sad. It was just a really dark arc, which sometimes makes things more interesting. At least for me. So if you hate this arc, you’re wrong.

Wicked Witch


I recently just finished this arc in my rewatch, so it’s fresh in my mind still. There’s no denying that Zelena is one of the best villains to ever grace OUAT. She was insane, and well, wicked. The different dynamics scattered throughout this half of the series. We got to see Regina start to embrace the hero within her while battling a surprising twist in her family tree. Nevertheless, Regina went through a lot of development during this half of the season as she tried to save Storybrooke from her wicked older sister. She also started to let love in with Robin Hood. Until that whole Mariane fiasco. Yikes.

Captain Swan also had some pretty good development too. And by good, I mean it was amazing. It was a really bumpy road since Emma was still convincing herself that Storybrooke was not her home. Then we have poor Hook wishing she would realize that he loves her. My heart. It was a push and pull season, but I think that’s what made it so good. Emma didn’t instantly fall into his arms; he had to work for her trust and love. We saw that in the final two episodes of this arc. Overall, the Wicked Witch arc had some of my favorite episodes, “New York City Serenade,” “Kansas,” “Snow Drifts” and “There’s No Place Like Home.”



I was on the fence about whether this outweighs the Queens of Darkness arc as one of my favorites, and I think that it does. We got to see villains and heroes comes together to rescue Henry. Despite all of their hatred and hesitancies towards one another, they put that aside for the moment. Oh, and let’s not forget that Captain Charming came into play during this season. Although, Charming was pretending that he didn’t ship Emma and Hook at the time. That’s all water under the bridge now.

Emma also started embracing her role as the Savior. She struggled with Storybrooke’s dependence on her to bring them her happy endings, but ultimately, she embraced who she was. Also, can we talk about the jealousy between Hook and Neal over Emma? Because that was seriously all kinds of funny…fighting over a lighter. Not to mention that Emma finally gave in to her attraction to Hook, but claimed it was only a “one-time thing.” See how well that worked out. Biggest lie EVER, Emma. There was so much packed into this half of the season: adventure, romance (lust?) and tons of hope. DUH. It was also an interesting take of Peter Pan being evil.

Phew, this was a hard post to write. Picking favorite arcs is like picking which character is the best. You just can’t do that without some deep thought. Don’t ask me my favorite character because I will literally be like “Emma. No Hook. No David. No Zelena. Regina!” So, let’s avoid that. What’s your favorite arc of the series? Sound off below or tweet me!

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