‘Shadowhunters’ recap: 3×08 “A Heart of Darkness”

‘Shadowhunters’ recap: Season 3 Episode 8 “A Heart of Darkness” aired May 8th 2018

Freeing Jace

In tonight’s all new episode of  ‘Shadowhunters’ titled A Heart of Darkness, emotions ran just as high as the stakes. Despite being contained by the Malachi Configuration, Jace still manages to get on everyone’s nerves.

In an attempt to break him free from Lilith’s control, Alec and Izzy travel inside Jace’s subconscious. After experiencing some flashbacks, the Lightwood siblings stumble across the real Jace surrounded in a room full of dead Clarys. Creepy much?

Jace admits that he’s been trying to kill himself but has been unsuccessful. He begs Alec and Izzy to do it for him in order to stop Lilith once and for all. In an extremely touching and teary scene, Izzy recounts to Jace something they used to say as children, “Three go in, three come out.” After promising they won’t let Lilith take Jace again, they manage to free themselves from the depths of Jace’s mind. Just when we think things may finally be looking up, Lilith swoops in and takes Jace back. Izzy and Alec are left heartbroken over breaking their promise to their brother.

Simon, Maia…and Kyle

If you think things between these three couldn’t get any more tense than you’re wrong. While investigating the abandoned building where Lilith held her sacrifices, Simon overhears Kyle admit to Maia that he still cares about her. Maia, both angry and confused starts to turn before Simon sweeps in to calm her down. Needing to be away from everything for a while, Maia admits to Simon that she needs to take some time to focus on herself and sort out her feelings.

Clary vs. the soul sword

Forced to undergo questioning by the soul sword, Clary has no choice but to tell the truth about Jace and all of the things he’s done under Lilith’s control. Although she does manage to put up a fight, she reveals that she is the reason Jace was left vulnerable to the mother of demons in the first place. The wish that she used was supposed to be the Shadowhunter’s saving grace if the world was ever taken over by darkness, but now it’s been used on saving the life of one. As punishment for her actions, Clary is sentenced to death. This I did not see coming.

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