‘Shadowhunters’: Spoiler free review of 3×08 “A Heart of Darkness”

‘Shadowhunters’ Season 3 Episode 8 “A Heart of Darkness” airs May 8th 2018

A Heart of Darkness picks up with our characters right where we left them. Simon and Luke head to meet Izzy, Magnus, and Alec, where “Jace” attempts to manipulate everyone and distract them from accomplishing their true goal. Despite knowing that they’re not actually dealing with the real Jace, he still manages to get almost everyone pretty fired up.

In an attempt to bring him back, Izzy and Alec take a trip inside Jaces’ mind and find a lot more than they’re expecting. Let’s just say things get really emotional, really fast.

With Luke and Izzy’s persuasion, Simon heads back to the abandoned building to search for clues that may help them destroy Lilith. After hearing his plan, Maia and Kyle both volunteer to help, but considering Maia’s rocky relationship with her ex it makes for an interesting trio to say the least.

Meanwhile, Clary is still being held against her will in Alicante. She may be strong, but it’s not easy for a Nephilim to fight against the power of the soul sword. With no other options, Clary is forced to undergo questioning that may threaten to reveal everything she’s been working so hard to hide. However, there is a moment where Clary once again proves just how fierce she really is.

Overall, A Heart of Darkness was by far one of the most intense and jaw dropping episodes of the season. Barely giving you time to breath, it keeps you on the edge of your seat and manages to shock you up until the very last seconds.


  • Some things are coming together, and others things may be falling apart.
  • Turn up your volume because Isabelle has a song in store.
  • Prepare for some serious Lightwood family feels.
  • “Without him, I’m nothing.”

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