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‘Life Sentence’ recap: Top 3 moments from 1×07 “Our Father the Hero”

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 7, “Our Father the Hero”, Aired May 4th, 2018

In this week’s episode of Life Sentence, it was finally time to see what justice had in store for Aiden. Would he be let off free or would he be sent behind bars? Despite all the drama going on, the Abbott family really came together in a time that would be so hard for any family. Along with that, further tension grew between Stella, Wes, and Dr. Grant, which led to Wes being injured. Here’s hoping Wes’ emotional scares will heal quicker than his physical ones.

Here’s the breakdown of the top 3 moments from 1×07 in more detail:

#1 The whole Abbott family coming together in Aiden’s time of need

With news on how serious things were with Aiden and his drug charges, it was really good to see the whole family coming together. Ida and Peter were getting along, and even Elizabeth and Diego were putting their own personal family issues to the side for a while, until they dealt with Aiden’s major problem.

I feel the family hasn’t been so close since they got news that Stella’s cancer was cured, which is weird that it should take something going bad for them to come together properly. But that’s just what happens in life sometimes… Anyway, at this incredibly intense time, I think that if the family weren’t trying as hard as they were, Aiden would have felt more alone and probably have actually carried through with doing something radical to get away from facing his possible jail sentence. I hope in future episodes we see more of the family bonding and them working through their issues.

#2 Aiden avoiding being locked up for good

Aiden wants to run away and leave all his troubles behind when he realizes things may not go as good as he thought. Firstly, Aiden decides to trust his father and let his case go to trial, instead of taking the deal he was offered. However, once he finds out his father was the anonymous person who tipped the police about his drug dealing, he (understandably) no longer feels like he can trust his dad. Now Aiden starts to regret not taking the deal and fears he is going to get life in prison. Due to his disappearing act, he nearly misses the trial, but luckily, the lawyer pushes it up an hour.  It was then up to Stella and Elizabeth to convince their brother that he should come back and face things instead of running away. Luckily, they convince Aiden and head back.

Things are tense and no one is sure what the outcome is going to be. Peter decides to take things into his own hands, barging into the room and pleading Aiden’s case over his own failures and how “broken” he is. This directly parallels where he fights for Stella’s life and pleads her case so she could be accepted onto the clinical trial. Thankfully for the Abbott family, the outcome of Aiden’s trial is incredibly good. Aiden gets one week of county jail and many community service hours. That doesn’t seem too bad, right?

I’m glad Aiden gets a lighter sentence and avoids being locked up for good. How on earth would we all cope not having him around? Although, I hope Aiden has learned his lesson and won’t be breaking the law again any time soon, as I’m sure things won’t be going his way next time.

#3 Wes vs Dr. Grant

A showdown happened between Wes and Dr. Grant over their shared adoration for Stella. Despite avoiding the invite before, the Abbott group end up at the bar where Dr. Grant and his band were performing, and things got AWKWARD. During one of  their performances, Will sings a love song while gazing into Stella’s eyes (or “eye-banging,” as Wes put it). Obvi, that did not go down well with Wes, and he got pretty mad. Wouldn’t we all? It’s understandable why Wes feels threatened by him, so I think he has a right to be annoyed. After all, he is Stella’s husband.

After the performance, things get much worse when Wes accidentally bumps into Will outside the bar. The two have an argument, with Wes mainly telling Will to back the hell off from Stella. Before you know it, Wes throws a punch at Will but misses and hits the dumpster behind them instead. Ouch—that gotta hurt! Wes, you probably are going to need a doc. Oh wait, looks like you got one right there!

Things clearly took its toll on Wes and he comes to the realization that he can’t handle it anymore. Wes ends up giving Stella an ultimatum where she is no doubt going to have to choose between him or Dr. Will Grant. Hmm, who will she choose? Surely her husband, right? But again, can Stella really give up her role in the hospital with helping kids like Sadie? I don’t think so… My guess is that we have more drama between this love triangle coming our way.

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Favorite quote of the week:

My favorite quote in this week’s episode goes to Aiden Abbott. After Aiden realizes that he may be going to jail after his drug dealing scandal, he almost considers running away. However, he is reminded of a very mindful thing he once said to Stella:

“You know what just occurred to me? If you are brave enough to run away and face the unknown, then you are brave enough to face whatever you are running away from. You are stronger than you know.” – Aiden Abbott

Boy, you are so full of wisdom. Ain’t he incredibly right? Aiden sure isn’t just a pretty face!

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