Tell me more, tell me more: 5 animes need another season

If you talked to every otaku on the planet, you may get unique answers to the question of what animes need another season. (And yes, that is a Grease reference in the article title – I like hearing more about what people love. So please tell me more!) Everyone has their own preferences. Sometimes a story ends without true resolution. Other times the production is dropped but the story continues on in manga or light novel form.

It’d be easy for me to say that I need more Naruto or Fairy Tail. But those anime are already hundreds of episodes long with multiple seasons! What I will do to limit myself is select animes that only got 1 or 2 seasons of production. Additionally I’ll stick to stories that do continue on in print because knowing that the story doesn’t end with the anime means something to me. I will also skip any anime that has an announcement for more to come via MyAnimeList.

Spoiler: There will be a healthy amount of spoilers as I’m trying to sell you on the idea that these short lived series need an additional series. I’m hoping that what I reveal will motivate you to watch/read what is available. Maybe after consuming that, you will salivate for more the way I do.


Another season please: The Devil is a Part Timer

Another season - Devil is a Part Timer
Gif: Funimation

Even though I’ve recommended this anime in the past, I feel bad that there isn’t more for viewers to enjoy. We get a scant 13 episodes that cover only the first 3 volumes of the light novel series. Being a comedy I *want* more of the anime because the humor translates so well. There are 9 volumes (translated into English) with more to come. Seeing the Devil work a beach job and invest in a TV while on a budget and help take care of a baby all while dealing with the Hero and the Church scrutinizing his efforts makes for great comedy.


Another season please: Spice and Wolf

Another season - Spice and Wolf
Gif: Funimation

Spice and Wolf was lucky enough to get a second season but it suffers from the fact that the light novels far outnumber that sad number. There are 19+ volumes of the adventures of a wolf goddess hitching a ride with a humble spice merchant. There is just so much material – it couldn’t possibly be covered in two scarce seasons. I think the challenge of the light novel is making the tribulation of some economic problem interesting enough. I’m 100% invested in the romance story between Holo and Lawrence so telling that part would be easy enough to capture the audience.


Another season please: Noragami

Another season - Noragami
Gif: Funimation

In the two seasons we get of Noragami we get so few answers. I feel like every time I watch it I walk away with more questions. Give me more Noragami and those beautiful bewitching eyes! There are so many volumes to draw material from. The manga gives us glimpses of a young Yato god just venturing out on his own. We have questions with no answers. There’s no explanation of Yukine’s backstory, how Yato fits in with the established gods, or the purpose of the sorcerer manipulating the phantoms.


Another season please: Highschool of the Dead

Another season - High School of the Dead
Gif: Sentai Filmworks

Oh why do you do this to me, storytellers? Highschool of the Dead is absolutely filled with intense action. It steadily moves from the main character focus to the group story in this zombie apocalypse story. We get a measure of character development and realistic story telling (how people would actually survive in this frightening world). But right when they’ve gone from survival mode to an attempt at security the story abruptly ends. This anime is the first that I’ve gotten to the end of and immediately had to order whatever print material there was available. You can’t just leave us in the middle of the story. Sometimes a bad ending is better than a cliffhanger like that!


Another season please: Accel World

Another season - Accel World
Gif: Viz Media

Ahhh what might have been! Sometimes I wonder if Sword Art Online hadn’t been as popular if Accel World (written by the same author) would’ve been able to grab onto a second season. As far as I’m concerned the two works are in the same universe. Now that I’m 12 volumes into SAO, I’ve begun to see the connections between the two. But we only get a single season of Accel World. It is probably due to my intense connection with the main character but I’d love more of the series to be adapted into anime. There are plenty of source books (up to 13 volumes in English) and the genre of video game/harem story isn’t an empty well to draw from.


What short lived animes would you like to see revived and continued? Tell me more – seriously! I’m always trying to see new stuff come to life. Even if it is only a season or two, it adds to my experience. Leave a comment here or reach out to me on social media (TwitterInstagram) and let me know!


Featured image: Funimation + Imgflip + dank meme skills


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