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‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×20: “Is This Henry Mills?”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 7, Episode 20 “Is This Henry Mills?,” aired May 4, 2018.

Guys, this episode was WILD and crazy, and I am all kinds of confused. Things are starting to come to a close now that the curse is finally broken and Gothel is dead. However, it wouldn’t be Once Upon a Time if a new (old) villain didn’t come a-knockin’. Nothing is ever that easy, but wow, this episode had me on the edge.

Believe, dangit


The race is on to awake Henry, and Regina is doing everything in her power to wake up her son. But Henry is stubborn and doesn’t want to believe. Seems to me he takes after Emma with that one. It was so hard seeing Regina trying to convince Henry to believe, but to no avail. Henry was basically calling BS on her and saying Lucy has gotten into her head. No, Henry! She’s telling the truth; I need you to believe in magic.

What really broke me was when Regina went to his apartment and realized he had no sense of hope, no sense of belief. He was losing the heart of the truest believer by the minute. Lana Parrilla wowed me in this scene because she made it so raw. Henry has always been her beacon of hope, so seeing him not believe was hard on her. And me. It was really hard for me, you guys. Not even the picture of the two of them, circa season 1, could make Henry believe. I swear I haven’t wanted to cry all season until this whole episode. Wow. Lana Parrilla and Andrew West, you killed it this episode. Oh, and this whole season is taking place in the past…I think I’m getting that right. I’m still confused.

Young Henry has some decisions to make


Henry is off to college! Doesn’t it seem like yesterday that 10-year-old Henry was knocking on Emma’s door? Well, he’s growing up, and he tells Regina that he would like to leave the familiarity of Storybrooke to explore what the real world has to offer. Also, did you all know Storybrooke has a college? Where can I sign up? Regina eventually comes around, buying him a car, recommending some colleges. Like Wisconsin because he’s always “loved cheese.” LOL. He seems pretty adamant to leave what he’s known until he receives a call the night of his graduation.

Have you ever answered the phone and your future self gives you life advice? Henry Mills can relate. On an off note, I would really like my future self to call me on the morning of my graduation next month. Just for a head’s up. JK. Anyway, it’s that phone call that awakens Henry from the curse. Finally! His memories come rushing forth, and he makes sure to tell his young self that home is where the people who love you are. Then he tells him that he should totally open the small box, which ends up being a bean. I think this is the moment where my makeup was a goner. It’s then that Henry decides where his future lies, as we have seen.

Ding dong, the witch is dead


Rogers is in a tricky situation, but he manages to escape, promising Tilly that he’ll come back for her. She’s stuck under the coven’s spell. Rogers rushes to Weaver and demands to know the truth of what is happening. Rumple straight up tells him that there’s magic, and Rogers is super confused. As one would be. Nonetheless, he enlists Rumple’s help to save Tilly.

Margot is Tilly’s best chance, but that doesn’t go so well. She shrinks the three of them, and something bad is about to go down until the curse is broken and they are all woken up. Imagine Hook’s shock when he realizes he’s been partners with the crocodile. Iconic. They find Gothel, just in time for Henry to awaken Regina with true love’s kiss. Yay! It’s showdown time. Hook, despite the curse on himself, stands by Alice as she vows to choose love over hate. And just like that, Gothel is dead. Party time. What an awful woman…or tree.

I’m screaming and crying


All is good in the Heights. Lol just kidding. Although, momentarily, it is good as everyone is reunited with their loved ones. Sabine and Ella wake up just in time after being kidnapped by Facilier. They go to find everyone else, and it’s such a happy reunion. However, my heart kind of broke when Rumple was alone amongst the reunions. He has nobody because everyone he loves was taken from him. I never thought I’d see the day where I felt any kind of bad for Rumple.

He goes to find his book of Belle, is what we will call it, but it is nowhere in sight. Facilier comes out, and Rumple is hella mad. How dare he takes what’s his! Just as Rumple starts to choke Facilier, something insane happens. And by insane, I mean, I never would have expected this. Wish Rumple is in Hyperion and he’s out to stir up trouble. Of course he is. Because we can’t be happy. When they said the series finale would bring us full circle, they were not lying. It makes sense, but holy crap. WOW. OMG. I have no words, except apparently I do.

Only two episodes left until the show ends, and I am so sad to see it end. However, we get the return of some beloved characters, so there’s something to be pumped about. I feel like I need to lie down after this episode because I am…wow. What did you think of the episode? Sign off below!

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