‘Gotham’ recap: 4×20 “That Old Corpse”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 20, “That Old Corpse,” Aired May 3, 2018

Welcome back, Gothamites! I missed you last week. But we’re back now, and the excitement is back in full force. The episode opens with Jerome-sparked chaos as his followers throw him “one last party” at his request. We also get to catch up with Jeremiah, who is being driven insane by that one spray of the laughing gas. It’s good to be back.
So who’s corpse is “That Old Corpse”? Let’s find out.

Posthumous fun

Gotham 4x20 recap That Old Corpse here lies Jerome Valeska

Jerome’s followers gather around his grave as a guest (Ecco) in a harlequin-esque mask crashes the event. She plays an audio recording with Jerome’s last wishes, and his followers are happy to oblige. First request: Dig up Jerome. Does that make Jerome “That Old Corpse” then?

Next thing we know, Jim Gordon is given a video tape with Jerome’s last will and testament. He says he wants Jim to throw him a wake at the GCPD, and we see the Jerome followers storming the GCPD for said wake. However, Jim knows the way Jerome’s mind works, so he knows that the riot is a distraction. So off Jim goes to save Jeremiah and Bruce before Jerome’s followers can get to them.

Long live Jerome?

The insanity spray from his brother isn’t going to keep Jeremiah from finishing his work. He gets his generator project working. However, he is a tad distracted by his brother’s death. Jeremiah finds Jerome’s diary, and he is fascinated by his late brother’s obsession with torturing and murdering him, Bruce, and Jim. There’s something off about Jeremiah’s interest in the inner workings of his brother’s mind.

Gotham 4x20 recap That Old Corpse Jeremiah finds Jerome's diary

Bruce tries to help rid Jeremiah of his paranoia regarding his brother, but when they go to dig up Jerome’s body as proof that he really is dead, the grave is, of course, empty. Jeremiah runs away terrified, only to succumb to the madness. He thinks everyone is out to kill him on Jerome’s behalf, and he shoots at Bruce with the idea that Bruce is actually Jerome in disguise.

“Are you serious?”

Gotham 4x20 recap That Old Corpse Jerome is the real Joker

The big twist in the episode comes when we learn that Jeremiah was the one who hatched the whole plan. Disguising himself as his brother, he was able to control Jerome’s followers to get the GCPD where he wanted them. Anticipating Jim’s response, Jeremiah is easily able to trap Jim in the bunker with the generator as he overloads it to explode. The episode ends with things looking pretty grim for Jim Gordon.
Jeremiah feigns innocence as the same timid scientist he was when we met him, which gains Bruce’s sympathy. This also gets Bruce where Jeremiah wants him.

So Jeremiah is the mastermind, huh? That explains why Ecco was the one in possession of “Jerome’s” last recording.

Gotham 4x20 recap That Old Corpse Jerome and Ecco

I feel like I should’ve seen this coming, but I didn’t. Nicely done, Gotham.

The rest of them

Grundy is getting sick of working with Penguin for absolutely no perks at all, so the two try to take advantage of the chaos at the GCPD. They pick up the leader of Jerome’s followers and torture him so he’ll spill something that gives them the upper hand. These guys are really the comic relief of the episode.

Gotham 4x20 recap That Old Corpse Penguin and Grundy are comic relief

Meanwhile, the Riddler hatches a plan to break Lee out of the GCPD’s hold, but she gets caught up in the action, which complicates his escape plan. However, Lee is smart and doesn’t really need a rescue, but the Nygmakins action is still going strong.

Gotham 4x20 recap That Old Corpse Ed Nygma breaks Lee out


We don’t actually see what happens to Jim as he’s trapped in Jeremiah’s bunker when the generator explodes, but I’m extremely confident that he doesn’t die. I am excited to learn how he manages to survive (because I’m assuming he survives), which I hope we’ll see next week. Next week also brings us more fun with Jeremiah as he wreaks havoc on Gotham, targeting Bruce in particular. Oh, and Selina comes back. There are only two episodes left this season, and things don’t show any sign of slowing down.

Next week:

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