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‘Riverdale’ 2×20: 11 craziest moments from “Shadow of a Doubt”

Riverdale 2×20, Season 2, Episode 20, “Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt,” Aired May 2, 2018

The town is full of murderers and criminals and things just keep getting more and more crazy! The tensions between the Serpents and Archie’s Fuck Boys the Dark Circle are higher than ever and the drama is spreading. Betty is closing in on the truth and she teams up with family drama expert, Cheryl, to investigate the Black Hood. Hiram is still the worst and we are getting worried for Hermione.

11 Craziest Moments from Riverdale 2×20

#1 Betty’s suspicious. The comics may be all about Archie, but this season, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that this is Betty Cooper’s story – well, the Black Hood portion anyway. She has always been at the center of the Black Hood saga and she thinks she knows why. Could her dad really be the Black Hood?

#2 Cousins investigate. Betty and Cheryl teaming up is one of the best things to come out of Season 2. Betty finds an unlikely confidant in Cheryl when she starts to suspect her dad of being the Black Hood and we can’t think of anyone better suited to advise her on her daddy issues. The two team up to investigate the Hal/Black Hood and it’s awesome. They actually make a great team.

#3 Fangs affair with Midge. Remember that backstage drama during the musical episode? It was clear Midge was hooking up with someone (besides Moose) and now we know who it was! It was a Serpent named Fangs. He comes clean about his hookup, but the truth puts him in serious danger with the cops, the town and the new Captain of the Fuck Boys, Reggie.

#4 Lodges have taken the Dark Circle. Speaking of Fuck Boys, the Dark Circle may have been started by Archie, but it’s not his group anymore. We thought that Reggie just hijacked it, but we later learn that Hiram paid Reggie to take it over and stir up drama with the south side. Hiram Lodge is the WORST.

#5 Black Hood shoots up the debate. What the actual F is up with this town? At the debate, the Black Hood tries to gun down the candidates from the balcony! Betty also sees her Dad there, which sort of messes with her original theory that he is the Black Hood. Everyone is super shaken after the debate and we are too.

#6 Veronica goes legit. Veronica is sick of her Dad’s nonsense. (THANK GAWD!) After all of that work she did with the casino proposal, her Dad still shut it down. And after Hiram refuses to let Hermione drop out of the election for her safety, Veronica realizes that she is over the Lodge mob crap. So what’s a girl to do? She throws on some lingerie, backs Fred in the campaign and hooks up with her Archiekins. (Clearly, Fred is not a helicopter parent.)

#7 Betty. Okay, let’s talk about this scene. Betty gets calm – like super, super calm and calls her Dad. It seems like she has figured something else out and she goes to confront him at the school aka “Where it all began.” There seems to be something super off about it all and even Hal sounds weird on the phone when they speak. Are the phones tapped? Did Betty solve it all? We need to know!

#8 Joaquin returns! YAY! We missed him! Also, we are convinced now, more than ever that he is FP and Alice’s real son! And after all of the Chic drama, we are ready for the truth.

#9 Fangs! Holy crap. The police station is surrounded by an angry mob who is out for Fangs! The Serpents band together to protect him as they desperately try to get him out of the police station, but Reggie is closing in. Reggie’s dumb-ass let Hiram plant a murderous seed in his head, and Reg brought a gun to confront Fangs. Archie jumps on him, but it’s all in vain because poor Fangs is shot anyway but we don’t know who did it! (Based on the angle, it doesn’t look like it was Reggie.) Tensions were already so high and things are going to get so much worse now.

#10 Hiram. Fuck this dude and everything he did and said in this episode. Is the Black Hood a random sin cleansing killer or is this all going to lead back to Hiram?

#11 Black Hood at the door. The Black Hood is at Cheryl’s! NOT GOOD! Run girl! (Also, you have to laugh at the fact that the Black Hood is a murderous psycho, but he is still courteous enough to still ring the doorbell.)

That episode was crazy and seems to be leading the show back onto a better path. We can’t wait to see who the real Black Hood is and what’s going to happen to Reggie after Fangs’ murder?!

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