‘Legion’ 2×05 recap: Ol’ Blue Eyes

Legion, Season 2, Episode 5, “Chapter 13,” Aired May 1, 2018

WOW! Now that was an episode. As I mentioned in our recap of the last episode, I was not a big fan of the trip down memory lane with Syd, but I knew that this episode would more than make up for it. Boy, did Legion’2×05 ever deliver. We had amazing interactions with Oliver and Farouk, a strange upside down room, and we even had a character death. I almost feel like I need to watch this episode again, just to unpack everything that happened (although maybe I could say that every episode). So what did we learn and what questions do I still have after that amazing episode?

Questions I have

#1 Jon Hamm OK, what is going on with all of these monologues? We keep getting these very interesting scenes where Jon Hamm philosophizes on something (this week it was conspiracy). What is the overall purpose of them though? There must be something that the show is trying to tell us, but I can’t figure out what it is. These feel like small pieces of a larger puzzle, but a puzzle we lost the box to.

#2 What happened to our memory man? This was one of the more interesting parts of the entire episode, when Ptonomy tried to see inside Lenny’s head and basically freaks out. What exactly happened to him? It seemed like he was infected, but it didn’t stick. Also, does this mean the Shadow King was actually doing this the whole time? Was any of what we saw with the basket head real?  I’m thinking yes, and that there is a monster under that basket.

#3 Why did the Shadow King do any of this? So the biggest bombshell of the night was when it was revealed that Oliver and Farouk killed David’s sister in order to give the body to Lenny. Why did he do this though? Did he need a genetic match to David to recreate the body? Was he just doing it to mess with him? Either way, why bring Lenny back at all? It seems like he only gave her life to get in David’s head, but I can’t figure out why. David is never going to let this stand and is going to come for him, unless that is what he wants him to do.

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What we learned

#1 Amy. If you are like me, you have been wondering what exactly happened to David’s sister, Amy, this season. Well, it turns out she was in some sort of Division 3 witness protection program this whole time. Only, it didn’t really work because the first time we see her, Oliver wipes out all of the guards and they kill her to turn her body into Lenny. Not the best way to make your first appearance of season 2.

#2 Oliver is clever. Something that struck me as interesting was Oliver threatening Farouk in this episode. Up until this point it was unclear of how much Oliver was actually aware of what was happening around him. We saw him lounging in a pool, we saw him dancing it up, and we even saw him killing at Division 3. It always appeared to me that Oliver was in a sort of fog about being taken over by Farouk. Yet, this week, he openly threatens him and let’s Farouk know that eventually he is going to kill him. He even claims to have found a weakness, explained by a strange math problem. Maybe Oliver isn’t as oblivious as he seems, and might be the key to the whole thing.

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Halfway there

Can you believe that we are already halfway through this amazing season? Yeah, me neither. Honestly, I am kind of torn between wanting to watch this show every week for forever, and wanting answers that will only come with the season ending. The next episode looks to be shaping up to be even crazier than normal and I cannot wait to see where this season ends up.

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