‘The Flash’ recap: 4×20 “Therefore she is”

The Flash episode “Therefore She Is” aired on May 1, 2018.

I’ll say it. I like Marlize DeVoe. Tonight’s episode was just the cherry on top. Like it’s earlier counterpart “Therefore I Am”, “Therefore She Is” had many flashbacks to the DeVoes early life together. These offered insight to her complicated relationship with her husband.

Marlize and the mad man

Marlize and Clifford used to butt heads when they were relatively fresh professors at Oxford. In one debate, Marlize had high hopes for technology to have a positive impact. Clifford had a far more pessimistic view that even the best ideas would only be used by man for destruction. That is a good point. And well, look at him now, stealing advanced tech for a diabolical plan.

Still, both were drawn to each other’s intelligence and how they challenged each other. Some years later, the couple are moving in together, maybe just married. Marlize finds a journal in which Clifford details a plan to “reboot” humanity. He theorised that by making humans less intelligent, we would forget our technological advancements and stop destroying the world. Disturbed, Marlize walked out on him.

She went to work in Kenya, helping communities access clean water. However, her camp was bombed and the filtration technology destroyed. The incident convinced her that Clifford was onto something. So she boarded the plan for the “Enlightenment”.

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Two heads are better than one

Harry finally told the team about his brain degenerating. He has been having memory lapses. In the meantime, Joe has a favour to ask of him that doesn’t need too much thinking: distract Cecile as he plans a surprise. Cecile basically tells Harry he should take this opportunity to develop his EQ. She can sense his thoughts dissolving the more he tries to think. They realise that Harry’s brain will degenerate faster the more he uses it.

An upside is, Cecile can act as a conduit for Harry’s thoughts before they disappear! So they are finally using her powers for something. They work out that Clifford plans to zap the Earth with lots of dark matter. This would essentially make humanity unintelligent. What is befalling Harry would happen on a large scale.

The DeVoes have been stealing various pieces of technology. The Flash team manage to collect some objects from the scenes that Clifford would have contacted. Cisco reminds them that trying to vibe DeVoe is not a good idea. However, if he and Gypsy co-vibe, they could avoid being mind-thrown across the room.

Cisco isn’t keen. He doesn’t know how to respond to Breacher’s job offer. The vibe (ha) in the room is tense, but he and Gypsy manage to track Clifford to a shipment yard. However, they vibe the wrong container because they weren’t “on the same page”. They start to argue. Barry tries to play relationship counsellor, only so they will make up and co-vibe Clifford again. However, they both get blasted this time. Iris reprimands Barry and tells him to give the couple space.

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Marlize makes a choice

Cisco and Gypsy talk about Breacher’s job offer. Neither want Cisco to take up the offer. Cisco doesn’t want to leave team Flash and Gypsy likes status quo. However, Cisco doesn’t want to do inter-dimensional long-distance. Still, he wouldn’t want her to leave her job and move to Earth-1.

Barry and Iris realise Clifford will try to steal a set of quantum computers next. The Flash, Vibe and Gypsy go to stop them. Barry and Gypsy initially manage to get the upper hand on Clifford, but Marlize attacks Cisco, distracting Gypsy. Clifford knocks Barry down and starts to strangle Gypsy, but Marlize, surprisingly convinces him otherwise. Throughout the episode she was increasingly disturbed as she watched her husband delight in killing security guards. She refuses to watch him make another unnecessary kill. Clifford, now in full jackass mode, mind-compels her to watch. He also hurts her arm in the process. Marlize eventually talks him down from killing Gypsy.

Cisco follows Gypsy back to Earth-19 and sadly part ways. So I guess they are now broken up? Darn, I was still just warming up to this couple. The actors have great chemistry. The scene where Gypsy took her first breath after getting strangled was touching and sweet.

Back in the Thinkerspace, Clifford lets Marlize use his chair to nurse her arm. Marlize takes the opportunity to trap him in his own forcefield thing. She refuses to help finish his plan. “You’re nothing without me,” she throws his own words back at him before floating away. YES!!! YOU GO, WOMAN!

Mystery Girl returns

The team sans Harry attend Cecile’s surprise baby shower. Cisco is down about his break-up. Iris talks to Caitlin about getting Killer Frost back. Caitlin gets uncharacteristically rude and says she’ll accomplish that herself. What has she in mind? She already tried to go up against Clifford on her own, and nearly got choked to death herself. Don’t be reckless, Caitlin.

Girl Everyone Thinks is Dawn Allen delivers a diaper gift bag to Cecile. She blabbers about how time is precious and all they have is now. That sounds a little foreboding. She also leaves before Iris can see her. Why? She sought out everyone else on the team. She looks a little sad, right before she flashes off screen. So she is a speedster!

Viewers have already noted that her speedster lightning was both yellow and purple. Those were Barry and Iris’ lightning colours respectively. Looks like she definitely is their child! So can I refer to her as Dawn Allen with certainty now?


  • Wally sent a bassinet that belonged to Moses as a baby shower gift. Why not a Beebo?
  • “Don’t ever whoosh me again!”

If you just can’t get enough of speedsters, breachers and thinkers, the Flash Zone is the place for you!

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