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‘Supergirl’ recap: 3×16 “Of Two Minds”

Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 16, “Of Two Minds” Aired May 1, 2018.

Superfans, we are in full gear at the end of the season! Last night’s episode of, Supergirl hit the ground running. Plague set upon the city.


Pestilence arrives and mucks everything up. At the beginning of the episode birds are dropping out of the sky.

In an office building people start bleeding from the nose and getting sick. The DEO comes to check it out. Winn and Alex interview witnesses and the doctor.

Alex notices a cut on each of the victims hands. These people have all come in contact with the same person. They must track down the person responsible, for they might not even know they are doing it!

Lena is working on it.


Across town Lena is working with Sam to determine the cause of Reign. Instead of listing off all of the scientific terms, that only Lena understands, I will break it down. There is an enzyme in Sam. If Lena can figure out which one it is and what triggers it, she can get rid of it.

  • Sam is triggered by pain and fear.
  • When Reign takes over, Sam goes away completely.
  • Sam goes to a parallel dimension. When she fights for control, she and Reign are in the same dimension.

This is really good news. It means Sam can fight it, however, who will be the victor is to be determined!

Imra vs. Supergirl


16 episodes later, we finally get some background info on Imra! Imra has been floating around with little to no reasoning for quite some time. This episode we learn why she is here. Surprisingly her reasons cause Supergirl and she to be on opposite sides!

  1. Pestilence/Blight destroy most of the planet in the future.
  2. Blight killed Imra’s sister.
  3. Imra believes the only way to stop the world killer is to end Blight’s life.

Supergirl will not let this happen. She believes if they start killing, they are no better than the villains they fight. Imra believes it is the only way.

What are you willing to do?

The CW

Kara realizes Blight is the Doctor. She and Imra go to confront her. Turns out Imra was right. Called it! The Doctor is fully aware of what she has become.

“It is often said Doctors have a God complex. Well now, I am a God.”

The Doctor has no desire to stop killing. Imra, Mon-El, J’onn and Supergirl begin their showdown. The party is crashed by the other world killer. The Superfriends lose and the two get away.

Luckily, Imra manages to get Pestilence’s DNA, so they can develop a cure for the disease! This is the Saturn Girl I know and love from the comics. She is saving the day. Welcome back!

Reign is revealed.

The two world killers go after Reign. They crash into Lena’s lab. The Superfriends follow. Kara has no idea what is going on. She sees Sam in the chamber.

“Supergirl, I was going to tell you!”

Before Lena has time to explain, Sam turns into Reign. The three escape. Kara stands before her friends with a look of shock. End scene.

How’s that for an ending? Supergirl  is going to be fire from here on out. I for one cannot wait! What did you think of this week’s episode?

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Check out Pure Fandom’s new podcast, SuperTalk, and tune in each week for my recaps.

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