‘Shadowhunters’ 3×07: 2 main plot points from “Salt in the Wound”

‘Shadowhunters’ recap: Season 3 Episode 7 “Salt in the Wound” aired May 1st 2018

The Jace story

At the end of last episode, Clary, Magnus, and the rest of the gang discovered that Jace is being controlled by Lilith and he has actually been the owl all along. In a scene that was pretty hard to watch, Clary tells Jace she loves him, only for him to throw her off a building leaving her paralyzed on the ground below.

After Simon comes to her rescue, Clary admits to Alec that she used a wish from the angel to bring Jace back from the dead which is why Lilith was able to enact her control. Clary, Alec, and Izzy set off to find him, but receive a final warning from Imogen (who Jace has fatally injured) that he’s in the cemetery.

After they manage to trap Jace, Clary portals them away and stays behind to face a group of Clave members. They arrest Clary and at the end of the episode, we see them leading her to a cell. Sorry, but this is just not okay with me.

The Maia/Jordan story

Although it’s been mentioned before, this episode finally gave us a deeper look at how Maia was turned into a werewolf. In a series of flashbacks we see Maia and Jordan’s first meeting and how the two fell in love.

Later in their relationship, Jordan is scratched by a werewolf leading him to be rude, snappy, and unpredictable. It’s because of this that the two inevitably breakup, but it’s clear that Jordan still harbors feelings for Maia when he shows up outside her work and asks her to run away with him. After realizing that Maia has found someone else, Jordan can’t control his emotions and ends up unable to stop the shift. He blacks out for most of it, but when he comes to he sees that he scratched Maia on the neck.

In present day, Maia admits to him that she wasn’t mad at him for losing control, she was mad that he left her there to figure everything out on her own. Jordon tries to apologize, saying he just couldn’t face her after what he did, and he joined the Praetor to compensate for his wrongdoings. Although she doesn’t forgive him, she tells Jordan that he needs to stay on Simon’s case. He’s not going to abandon Simon like he did her.


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