Team Pure Fandom roundtable discussion: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

This post contains major spoilers for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

We’ve been having plenty of discussions within Team Pure Fandom about Avengers: Infinity War. The consensus: It rocked our socks off. PF writers Sarah, Hilda, Mike, Meg, and Lindi share their favorite moments, what they would have changed, and theories about what comes next. Feel free to hit the comments and share your answers to the discussion questions!

Grade Infinity War, Rotten Tomatoes style.

Meg: 100% Fresh AF.

Sarah: 94% Fresh. Wonderfully done.

Hilda: 90% Fresh, it was awesome.

Mike: 97% Fresh. Pretty much the perfect movie.

Lindi: 99% So damn fresh.


Scene that made you the most emotional.

Meg: All of the Gamora/Quill stuff ripped my heart out, but I cried when Peter Parker hugged Tony and begged to stay. It still hurts me. Ouch.

Sarah: Peter Quill’s reaction to the death of Gamora. Everything from the tears in his eyes to the devastating way he spoke. Her death devastated him and his reaction gutted me.

Hilda: Peter Parker disintegrating when Thanos killed half the universe. As one of the only people who could feel what was happening and what was coming, it really hit hard. The way he reached out to Tony Stark, as if in pain, just completely broke my heart.

Mike: When the credits rolled and I realized we have to wait 2 years for the next one. Why can’t it just be now? I need some more Thanos and Thor in my life ASAP.

Lindi: Gamora being sacrificed for the stupid Soul Stone. I cried and punched the air and caused a scene in the theater.

Favorite funny quote or moment.

Meg: “You’re embarrassing me in front of the wizards.” – Tony Stark

Sarah: Peter Quill: “You’ve got some acorns on you, kid.” Almost every line Star-Lord said was amazing. I’ll just be here waiting for the next Guardians movie.

Hilda: When the Guardians pick up Thor, just the whole scene was hilarious. Drax: “This is not a dude. You are a dude. This is a man.”

Mike: “This is my friend, Tree”- Thor.  Or basically every scene with Thor, Rocket and Groot. Those 3 are begging to get their own spinoff movie.

Lindi: Drax is my all-time favorite MCU character, so I’d have to go with him thinking that he was moving so slow, he was invisible.


One thing you would have changed, if anything.

Meg: I would have Wanda kill her robot boyfriend and spare Wakanda the headache. I wasn’t super invested in their story and honestly, I figured he was going to die no matter what.

Sarah: Unpopular opinion: I wanted to find out that Steve and Natasha had gotten together during their time as a team. My comic book heart wanted to see it.

Hilda: Maybe less with Vision and Wanda, I’ve never been a fan of theirs so I had no emotional connection to any of their scenes.

Mike: Pretty much everything to do with Vision/Wanda. Their story did nothing for me really.

Lindi: Maybe more Shuri, because I’m a fangirl. But overall, I think they incorporated and blended the characters perfectly and at just the right times so that the movie never felt overstuffed.

Give us your best Part II theory.

Meg: I think that Tony will take the soul stone from Thanos and that Cap will sacrifice himself and it will prove that Tony really does love him – or vice versa. I think that this will end with them and the death of one of them.

Sarah: I think Gamora is still alive and will help get rid of Thanos for good. Maybe Nebula will sacrifice herself for her sister, proving how much they have always loved each other.

Hilda: I believe that the next movie might actually call back to the first Avengers, and have Tony time travel to fix it. Also Captain Marvel will show up and I am super excited.

Mike: I think they are going to use a part of the Civil War story from the comics that they didn’t use in the movie, the death of Captain America. His death will force Tony to see how wrong he has been and retire, while Bucky takes up the mantle of Cap to honor him. And while all that is happening, Captain Marvel basically saves the day and Gamora from the Soul Stone for good measure.

Lindi: Two words: Adam Warlock

Who do you think is truly dead and not coming back?

Meg: Loki. I hate to say it because I love that green slime ball, but I think he is gone for good. I think all of the dust deaths will be undone and that they will find a way to save Gamora because I think her soul is still in stone.

Sarah: I definitely think Vision is done for. But as for everyone else? I’m going to need proof that they are actually dead.

Hilda: I think Loki and Heimdall are truly dead, it just felt too final for them. Vision, unless they get the stone back. Gamora, though I’m less certain about her since I can see how they might reverse it.

Mike: Pretty much only Heimdall. All of the vanished will come back because come on, we know Black Panther isn’t going anywhere. Then Gamora comes out of the Soul Stone (thanks to Captain Marvel), Vision probably gets brought back by Shuri and I’ll never believe Loki is actually dead, even if it takes 20 years for him to appear again.

Lindi: Loki. I feel like they made it pretty clear with two different statements (from Thanos and Thor) to this being a finite death. That doesn’t mean we won’t see him again in some capacity, but I do think he’s officially a goner.

Why do you think Thanos doesn’t just snap his fingers to provide more food, resources, and goods in the universe instead of killing everyone to achieve the same goal?

Meg: Because he is a giant introvert and really doesn’t want to make small talk, so population reduction is the only way tbh.

Sarah: Because he puts the dick in dictator. Every time he destroys the population of a planet, he feels more powerful. He thinks his way is not just the only way, but the right way. Every time Thanos gets what he wants, he just wants more.

Hilda: Because he’s a cynical crazy old man that probably thinks, ‘Even if I do that, they’ll somehow ruin it again later.’

Mike: He seemed pretty committed to the killing thing, even as far back as Gamora’s planet. I guess he just couldn’t undo that choice. Or maybe providing food and resources required him to whistle instead of snap and he’s one of those people that can’t.

Lindi: I’m with Sarah that it’s the addictive nature of ultimate power. And Mike definitely has the whole whistling versus snapping thing right–I’m sure that’s the answer.

In case you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet because you’ve been living under a rock, were incarcerated, or gave birth to a human, it’s still playing in theaters everywhere. Go see it.


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