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‘The 100’ 5×02: 17 best moments from “Red Queen”

The 100 5×02, Season 5, Episode 2 recap: “Red Queen,” Aired May 1, 2018

Holy shiz, ya’ll – Octavia is not messing around. In this episode we get a mini origin story for the throne sitting bad-ass we saw at the end of 5×01 and it did not disappoint. She has always been a total bad-ass, but WHOA. In this episode, we get a glimpse into the bunker life and it’s so much crazier than we could have anticipated.

17 Best Moments from “Red Queen”

#1 Smiling Octavia. You better hold onto this one for a while, because we won’t get many from her after this. 46 days after Praimfaya, we see Octavia happily doing some fight training with Miller. It reminds us of the first shot of Space Kru, but the bunker life is way more complex.

#2 Octavia shuts it down. Octavia’s new life as the red blooded Commander means that she has to listen to the delegates complaints in the bunker. In this scene it is so very clear that Octavia wants to make her own way as she refuses to honor the barbaric punishments of the Grounders, but her way of leading isn’t super defined because she hasn’t found her footing as the leader.

The 100 — “Red Queen” — Pictured: Paige Turco as Abby — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

#3 They hear Clarke! Remember in 5×01 when Clarke found the bunker door and was hitting it with the shovel? They heard her! Kane and Abby put aside their tensions (sorta) and try to let her in. Sadly, the building has collapsed on top of the door and she can’t get in – and they can’t get out.

#4 Jaha vs. Octavia. You gotta love that Octavia is the one in charge and Jaha has to follow her orders. Ah, we love a good power swap – especially one that puts Octavia at the top.

#5 Mackson is getting closer! YAY! Miller and Jackson are the sweetest couple and we are so happy that they are finding some happiness in the hell hole they are currently trapped in!

#6 Kara takes the farm! After word gets out that they won’t be able to get out in 5 years, shit gets crazy. Kara from Skaikru runs the farm station and decides that she is going to what’s best for her people. She locks the doors to keep the food for Skaikru. It’s a super bold move and a jerk move, but it’s something we see often on this show. People protecting their own. The only problem with that is they aren’t a bunch of clans anymore – they are Wonkru.

#7 Jaha. At some point in this crazy journey, we started liking Jaha and we are just as shocked as you are. Long gone are the days when he started a fucking robot cult. Now, he is standing behind Octavia’s orders and raising a cute little dude named Ethan.

#8 Niylah and Octavia? She gave her a book about mythology and it made us swoon a little. It’s clear there is a connection there! The question is if it’s romantic or just a solid bond. We shall see!

#9 Jaha apologizes to Octavia. She was the girl under the floor and then she was jailed for her crime – OF BEING BORN! He’s super injured and decides now is the time to say sorry for punishing her for simply existing. He also pisses her off and inspires her. He tells her that she needs to make Death her enemy. Anyone pushing them closer to Death is the enemy too. (Damn, Jaha. That was a great speech!)

The 100 — “Red Queen” Pictured: Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

#10 Kabby. Only on this show could a scene with two sweaty folks chained to a pipe in an underground garden during the apocalypse be so romantic. While some guy strums the guitar, Kane and Abby have a much needed heart to heart about why they are fighting. Abby is pissed that he saved her her, but Kane has zero regrets. Thankfully, they make up because Kabby 4 LIFE!

#11 HOLY SHIT OCTAVIA. That entire scene was so intense. Octavia gave us some Princess Bride vibes, but in a much darker way when she kept repeating that line. We got chills.

#12 Jaha’s fight is over. Aw, that was super sad. He fought so hard for so long and now, his fight is over.

#13 Gaia vs. Indra. All mothers and daughters have their conflicts, but theirs (in this episode) is solely around the way Octavia leads or if she even should be. Indra wants to dress Octavia like a Grounder Commander and at first, Gaia is against it, because she is not a Nightblood. Everything changes after Octavia saves them from starvation. When Gaia believes, we see a switch in Octavia too. She was born for this. She is the Red Queen.

#14 MACKSON! A love confession and a kiss. HERE. FOR. IT.

#15 Gladiators. There are too many people in the bunker and people keep fucking everything up. So what is a blood covered Queen to do? Make them fight to the death to earn their freedom like gladiators.

#16 Now. The bloody conclave battle arena is legit AF now and so is the badass woman watching over it. She also has Kara (the one who tried to starve them all to death), Nathan, Indra and Gaia at her side. She also vowed to protect Ethan, Jaha’s little dude. Notably absent? Kane and Abby.

#17 Kane is in the arena! Uh, oh. This is not good.

The 100 — “Red Queen” –Pictured: Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Best quotes from “Red Queen”

“My blood is red and it always will be.” – Octavia

“You are Wonkru, or you the enemy of Wonkru. Choose.” – Octavia

“Abby, you can’t fix me this time.” – Jaha

“Take me to Wells.” – Jaha (with his dying breath)

“The blood of our enemies is her armor.” Gaia

“You’re a healer, not a fighter. That’s why I love you.” – Nathan Miller (to Jackson)

“Conclave rules. Win the fight, save your life.” – Octavia

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 May we meet again!

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