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Wicomicon 2018: Taking Fandom and Community to the Next Level

This weekend, I had the pleasure of witnessing something amazing. I’ve attended numerous comic con events over the years, but there was something extra special about this one. Like many others, I had spent months planning to attend Universal FanCon, but then watched it all go up in proverbial flames. Over the past week, I watched our online community of fans from far and wide pull together to plan Wicomicon and other satellite events with little time to spare. I wasn’t sure what to expect yesterday, but there was a sense of mystery and adventure as I stepped onto that freight elevator with my young niece. Stepping off the elevator, things were in full swing. Vendors, writers, and artists were in place and cosplayers were all around us. There was a wonderful energy throughout the crowd as everyone was excited to be there.

Luke Cage showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker and April Reign (activist) were among a number of other panelists that spoke during the day’s events. Coker, Ryan, and Angelique Roche (Marvel Voices podcast) spoke at length about their work and the importance of representation and inclusion. If you missed it, you can check out the video here thanks @TheDrIsIn2015 on Twitter. There was also a cool “Latinx in Space” panel where folks had the chance to come together and geek out about Star Wars and their hopes for the franchise in the future. There were other awesome events at the “pop-up” con event. The size of the crowd was just right for my niece who was experiencing her first Con. Once she got over her initial nerves and awe, she had me chasing down one cosplayer after another who was dressed as some of her favorite characters. Actors from Syfy’s Killjoys and The Magicians and Freeform’s Siren were in attendance to meet up with excited fans.

Other satellite events, included panels hosted by TV personality Yael Tygiel. She moderated the “Women of Scifi” panel at Protean Books and Records with Jade Tailor, Tamsen McDonough, Hannah Levien, and Brittany Curran. Actors from The Magicians and Killjoys also attended a midnight screening of Avengers: Infinity War. Then there was some awesome karaoke happening post-Wicomicon’s “pop-up” event. This was another event hosted by actors from The Magicians and their representation, Lomopro. As if I needed another reason to love this show. They just went all out and as a fan, I couldn’t be more grateful for how amazing they all were.

With only a week to spare, the equally amazing folks behind the Wicomicon “pop-up” event did something truly incredible. There was so much disappointment and feelings of disbelief after FanCon imploded. This “pop-up” event embodied the sense of inclusion, diversity, and was truly a Con built by fans. There was so much love at this event. I’m hopeful that it’s only the beginning. They pulled this off in just a week. Oh, the things they could do given even more time. Huge props to the folks who worked to put this together (@theblerdgurl, Comic Nerds of Color, The Nerds of Color, @TheNRW, Black Heroes Matter, @Bounce_Comic, @CarbonFibreMe, and @the_real_chow). This is truly what fandom and community is all about. Stay tuned for the next Brad and Cort Talk podcast as I will chat about more details from the “pop-up” con event and my talk with Jade Tailor and Rizwan Manji about their characters and The Magicians recent season. Spoiler alert, the show goes back into production next month!!


Photo Credit: Wicomicon


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