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‘Life Sentence’ recap: Top 3 moments from 1×06 “Who Framed Stella Abbott?”

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 6, “Who Framed Stella Abbott?”, Aired Apr. 27th, 2018

This week on Life Sentence, things take a crazy turn for the worst. First, Stella finds herself in an awkward situation where she starts to have sexual fantasies about Dr. Grant, but shrugs it off as just a minor inconvenient thing as she obvs loves Wes. Then, Aiden mans up and gets himself a real life job (all thanks to Stella), and all seems grand. However, it all goes downhill and ends with Aiden and Stella getting arrested due to Aiden selling drugs. To make things worse, the Abbott family, excluding Stella, all agree to not bail Aiden out. And then, Stella and Wes’ marriage gets further strained due to the truth coming out about her feelings for Dr. Grant. My gosh, such drama, right?`

Let’s breakdown the top 3 moments from 1×06 in more detail:

#1 Stella’s sexual fantasy about Dr. Grant

Things heat up in the hospital between Stella and Dr. Grant. Oh wait, that’s just Stella’s fantasy! Yup, Stella starts day-dreaming about Will aka Dr. Handsome and soon can’t get him out of her mind. Uh-oh, does that mean there is trouble ahead for Stella and Wes? To make things worse, Stella attempts to avoid Will but fails miserably. Then she tries to set Dr. Grant up with her old doc, so it looks like she isn’t being weird, but it just ends with things being more awkward.

In the end, Stella can’t take the sexual tension anymore and spills everything out to him. She tells him about how she feels he is the only one who truly gets her, maybe more than her husband ever could. To be honest, I get where she is coming from. Let’s think about it, Stella has been through the worst possible thing anyone could imagine, and that must be hard to talk about and adjust to at times. Then comes Dr. Grant who has experienced something similar in his family and he fully gets what it’s like for a loved one having cancer since his little brother did. With their families being so similar, it’s not a surprise that she feels a connection. Let’s also not forget that he is working hard saving kids, including Sadie. So, I definitely see the attractiveness in him. BUT, we cannot ignore that Stella has a husband. I have to admit I do like Stella and Dr. Grant’s sexual chemistry, but I really love Stella and Wes. I don’t think I want them to break up.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you prefer Stella with Dr. Handsome or Wes?

#2 Aiden finally being an adult and getting a real job

Aiden finally takes the adult life seriously and gets himself a real job—all thanks to Stella, of course. Aiden begins working in the coffee shop that Stella works in and things seem to be looking up for him. However, that all comes crumbling down after he serves one of his old soccer moms and she requests more drugs. Aiden explains he isn’t doing that anymore, but with some added pressure from his desperate customer, he gives in and agrees to sell her some drugs. Before he knows it, all his old customers are spilling into the coffee shop, ordering some lattes with a side of ADHD medication. Tut-tut, Aiden! Everyone believes Aiden is taking his new responsibilities seriously, but he is in fact not and bringing shame to his family.

#3 Aiden and Stella’s arrest

Things take a turn for the worse when the police close in on Aiden and arrest him and Stella. However, Stella soon gets cleared of all charges and released, but it didn’t turn out the same for Aiden. He gets left in jail and will only be released if his bail gets paid. Of course, Stella assumes her dad will pay it, but he refuses to and wants to teach him a lesson. To be fair, I’d probably do the same, because from how it looks, Aiden isn’t taking his actions seriously and doesn’t care about the consequences. The whole family agrees, much to Stella’s disbelief, and Aiden gets left in prison. Hmm, looks like someone is learning a new lesson!

But wait… Wes later bails Aiden out and things look fine again for Aiden, except that he comes home with more bad news. Turns out Aiden has had previous trouble with the law, and due to that and the fact the drugs he was selling are in the same class as drugs like cocaine, he is in much more trouble than he thought. Aiden now faces serious criminal charges and could end up behind bars permanently. OMG! Let’s hope the worst possible situation does not come true.

Favorite quote of the week:

My favorite quote of the week goes to Wes. At the end of the episode, Wes finds out about Stella having (possible) feelings for Dr. Handsome and that of course does not sit well with him. He explains to Stella that she is not a choice to him, and the fact she may see him as only a choice, hurts badly. Oh, here comes the tears!

“I don’t choose you, Stella. The way I feel about you is not a choice for me, anymore than it is a choice to breathe. So knowing that I’m a choice to you, one of many options, it’s honestly… there aren’t words to describe how that makes me feel.”

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