Windows to the soul: otherworldly anime eyes

If the eye is truly a window to the soul, then what we see in anime eyes can only be described as otherworldly. Anime eyes are depicted with exaggeration in size and a depth of colors just not found in real life. These eyes give us a glimpse into souls that are beyond our world. I’m going to do my best not to overuse the word “otherworldly” but I feel like my selections are just hauntingly beautiful and not of this world.

Warning: Minor spoilers may be present. Yet I hope they are insignificant enough that if you dig the character, then you’ll take a chance on the anime. Sometimes my zeal to share overrides my common sense not to ruin the story.


Anime eyes – Jibril from No Game No Life

Anime eyes - Jibril
Gif: Sentai Filmworks

Say what you will about Jibril’s enthusiastic nature, when you look at her eyes all you see is magic. I guess that is to be expected in a race of “god killers”. Part of the magic of Jibril’s eyes is actually the manic passion she has for collecting knowledge. She may physically drool over the prospect of 40,000 books from a different world, but her eyes show her absolute love for the knowledge. There’s a devotion to the potential data there that cannot be masked by her power or her desire to win.



Anime eyes – Kaori from Your Lie in April

Anime eyes - Kaori
Gif: Aniplex

Now I’m going to bawl if I think about the tears in Kaori’s eyes for too long. However I’ve got to include this pair of grey-blue eyes in the hopes that you’ll catch #thefeels too. As a musician, I know how easy it is to lose yourself in performance so much that your face communicates your emotions. Kaori’s eyes dance as they glisten. She puts her whole existence into playing. There’s no doubt of her love for music because it moves her to tears even with a smile on her face.


Anime eyes – Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Anime eyes - Tohru
Gif: Crunchyroll

I suppose that love may be the most obvious of emotions we can read in a person’s eyes. There’s that saying that “I only have eyes for you” and nowhere is that more true than in Tohru’s case. The eyes of a dragon are so bright with the flame of joy. The narrow slit that is her iris is something different. And even if her eyes do some wonky things, you can always be sure that they are following the movements of Miss Kobayashi.


Anime eyes – Nagisa from Assassination Classroom

Anime eyes - Nagisa
Gif: Funimation

So you might think that these baby blues belong to an innocent high school girl, but that’d be a mistake! Nagisa is an assassin in training and *his* eyes conceal *his* true intent. They are eyes that drink in details. Nagisa’s eyes are watching for openings and weaknesses. His eyes are part of his façade of being harmless. He can disappear from the gaze of others to move in close to his target and strike!


Anime eyes – Yato from Noragami

Anime eyes - Yato
Gif: Funimation

Otherworldly…I have to use the word here. Another set of piercing blue eyes, but these belong to a god of calamity. There is an indescribable timelessness in Yato’s eyes. Even if he too has weird moments with his eyes, there are times where it feels he’s looking at you – into your soul. Those beautiful eyes of depravity must have stared down innumerable foes. Because once a wish has been paid for the deed must be carried out.


So what do you think of my picks? Which eyes should I have included? Please feel free to leave a comment here or reach out to me on social media (TwitterInstagram).


Featured image: Funimation


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