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‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×19 recap: “Flower Child”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 7, Episode 19 “Flower Child,” aired April 27, 2018.

Okay, let me preface this by saying this wasn’t my favorite episode ever. Put down the tomatoes, you guys. They can’t all be winners. But it’s not shocking considering this episode was centered around the least likable character to ever exist in any TV show ever. Did I mention I’m not a fan of Gothel?

She’s not even human


What was supposed to be Gothel’s sob story made me like her even less. Usually, villains will have a backstory that makes me feel a bit bad for them, but not for Gothel. She had a pretty good life, and she let the evil take over her. We learn that she’s some kind of tree nymph, which explains the Mother title. Also Eloise’s last name in Hyperion. Gothel just wants to be like the other girls, so she sneaks into their house. The rick girls embrace her, even inviting her to a ball because they think her powers are too cool. Sure.Despite her Mother’s wishes, Gothel spends more time with her new girl friends. What a rebel. Gothel, dolled up in a white gown, attends the dance. She thinks she’s finally made some friends who are human. This episode really made me want to wear a ball gown though…

Meanwhile, in Hyperion, Eloise starts collecting some magical dust from people. Even brainwashing the desk sergeant to do her bidding. If she’s so powerful, why can’t she just do it herself? Anyway, Eloise saunters up to Tilly and reveals that she’s her mother. Tilly is confused and angry, exclaiming that she’s just a crazy cult leader. True. Also, must be awkward when a woman only a few years older than you tells you she’s your mother. This show…Tilly goes to Rogers with the news, and he immediately stands guard for her. Almost like she’s his daughter…HUH.



As if things couldn’t get weirder. So Henry’s all like “hey, Jacinda, Lucy is my daughter.” And Jacinda is just totally calm about it, barely even questioning how that would be possible. If I was her, I’d be like “uhhhh yeah get out of my house. Byyyeee!” She doesn’t even flinch, just excuses herself from the apartment when Sabine asks for some help. However, this flashes us back to when Henry was trying to make Emma believe that she was the Savior.

Later, Jacinda starts believing that maybe she is Cinderella. She and Lucy did find a glass slipper in a box of old junk. Which makes me wonder: are we living in a cursed world? Just kidding. Lucy runs off with the slipper to bring to Samidi because, yeah, why not enlist a villain, Lucy? Meanwhile, Henry is totally convinced that his story is real, which you already know is. So when Rogers and Tilly show up to his apartment, they all understand each other. The book is real AF. Even Jacinda tells Henry that she thinks she’s a fairytale characer. Crazy things happenin’ in Hyperion.

Darkness abound


Things get a little dark in Gothel’s past. I was actually pretty surprised with how dark that scene was. I know there’s been some pretty dark stuff throughout the course of this show, but woah. It turns out Gothel’s new bffs didn’t want to be friends with her. When Gothel shows them her magical powers, the girls scoff and make fun of her. Not going to lie, that made me feel a little bad for her, but not enough.

Gothel returns home to see that the humans have killed her family and Mother. Thus, the reign of Mother Gothel begins, and it’s not a pleasant reign. She uses her sadness for anger. Marching back into the ball, she shows the humans that she is not to be messed with. The rich girl begs for forgiveness, but Gothel snaps her neck with her plant powers. Dark. Soon enough, she’s murdering everyone in the room for what a handful of people did to her family. The darkness got ahold of her. This is why I will never feel compassion for Gothel. She was treated badly, and instead of bettering herself, she went off to harm people. She started ruining lives for her own selfish reasons. Thus, the coven began.

The coven


This is where things get complicated. Lol, like they weren’t already complicated enough. Gothel drags Tilly and Rogers down into some shady basement where all her witch friends are chilling. And by chilling, I mean ready to cause havoc on the human population. She promptly ties Rogers up, and she tells Tilly that she is one of them—that she should join the coven and be their family. Oh, and Gothel drops the truth that Rogers is Tilly’s father. We already knew that, but they didn’t. Obviously.

After prodding and threatening Rogers’s life, Tilly decides that she has to join the coven. She won’t let Rogers die because if he is her father, she could never live with that. No, Tilly! Like I get it, she’s trying to save her father, but ugh this is all so frustrating! When they all join hands, that’s when the trouble begins.

Next week’s episode looks absolutely insane! Henry calling his younger self. What even is happening here? I want to call my 18-year-old self. I totally gave up trying to reason that timeline because it will never make sense to me. This episode was not my cup of tea, but what did you think? Sign off below!

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