‘The New Legends of Monkey’ review: Netflix remakes a winner

This is a spoiler-free review of The New Legends of Monkey

New Legends of Monkey review

The ten episode first season of this show has left us wanting more. Prepare yourselves for your new unexpected addiction!

The New Legends of Monkey is based on an old Chinese fable by the name of Journey to the West. Doesn’t everyone want to watch a show about fallen gods with superpowers and extraordinary martial arts techniques? We know we do! Science fiction seems to be the direction Netflix original programming is moving in and you won’t get any complaints from us about it. They clearly excel at the art.

Our story is a little more modern, but still keeps the same ancient vibe. The god monkey made a pretty big mistake by releasing some demons out into the world. Of course, being a god, he was naturally held accountable for his actions. His punishment? Being frozen for about 500 years. But no worries, because three other gods quickly get Monkey released and convince him to join the crusade.

This series has something to offer just about everyone. If you like action, it has plenty of that. But it keeps many of the Chinese myths in tact in a lighthearted manner. So if you need something to watch with your kiddos, this one fits the bill there as well. Need something that has a little more comedy than drama? Great! That’s exactly how this show rides. But that doesn’t mean it’s left without any drama at all, just a healthy dose.

You’re sure to recognize lead, Chai Hansen. Whether from The 100  or Shadowhunters. But Chai isn’t the only powerhouse onscreen, as Luciane Buchanan brings her power from Filthy Rich and Common Ground. Jarred Blakiston of Power Rangers: Dino Charge and Shannara Chronicles makes an appearance as well. This well rounded cast was perfectly chosen!

Overall Grade For The New Legends of Monkey: B+

Season 1 of The New Legends of Monkey is now available on Netflix!

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