Here’s what’s next for our superheroes after Avengers: Infinity War


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All of our favorite superheroes were packed into one movie, and it was just as the critics foretold—the movie was made for the fans. If you’ve seen all of the MCU films over the last decade, then you picked up on every little detail and Easter egg dropped in Infinity War.

Let’s break down what’s next for our Avengers in Infinity War Part 2 based on the events of Part 1.

Soooo after that insane ending, what now?

Thanos said he was going to wipe half of the universe, and he took half of our favorite superheroes along with him. Note who was left after the fallout:

  • Thor
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Hulk
  • Black Widow

The OG crew is left (and Rocket), which means we can look forward to a classic Avengers film in part 2, which will also most likely be Cap and Iron Man’s swan song. If what’s happened won’t allow these two to finally make up, then nothing will.

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It’s all about the Time Stone, baby.

Remember when Dr. Strange ran like 12 billion scenarios of how this whole Thanos war will pan out, then said there was only one scenario in which they win? Whelp, that explains why Dr. Strange saved Iron Man. It must be that in the one scenario the Avengers win, Tony is alive for it. Dr. Strange probably saw this all unfold, which is why he gave Thanos the time stone and told Tony, “it’s the only way” when Tony asked why he saved him (or, he said something like that. I’m fresh off seeing the film in the theatre, and I’m not going to lie—I had three glasses of cabernet. We had a babysitter so I went big, guys.)

How Thanos could be his own undoing in Part 2

In order to get the Soul Stone, Thanos had to sacrifice something he truly loved. It may be a really f*cked up relationship, but Thanos does love Gamora in his own way. He was clearly tore up from have to sacrifice her. Because Thanos is a narcissistic sociopath, he thinks that because he now has all six Infinity Stones he can control life/nature/etc. without any consequence. This could mean that he may try to manipulate time in order to bring Gamora back to life. I’m unsure of the logistics behind this since he would obviously want to keep his hands on the Soul Stone, but it’s a definite possibility.

In doing this, Thanos could really mess with the rest of the timeline, thus bringing back all of our favorite superheroes that were wiped in his “cleansing”.

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OK, now let’s talk about that post-credits’ scene.

Nick Fury and his right-hand-partner Maria Hill get taken with the cleansing of Thanos, but not before Fury can use a suped-up pager to make a call… to Captain Marvel (who is played by Brie Larson in the standalone film to come out next year.) The movie is set in the 1990s (hence the pager, probably?)

Here’s a quick overview of who Captain Marvel is, and why she’s crucial to the Infinity War Part 2, taken from Polygon:

“The Captain Marvel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Carol Danvers. The superhero is a U.S. Air Force pilot who was endowed with superhuman strength and durability, and the ability to fly and fire energy beams from her hands, when her DNA was scrambled around with the DNA of an alien hero known as Mar-Vell.

Carol’s fictional life as a superhero began in 1977 as the character Ms. Marvel, a distaff counterpart to the original Captain Marvel. He was a soldier named Mar-Vell, a member of the alien Kree. (If you’re wondering who the Kree are, you’ve already met one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Ronan the Accuser, the central villain of Guardians of the Galaxy.)

Mar-Vell was sent to spy on Earth, but developed an affection for its people and became a superhero instead. When Carol and Mar-Vell were caught in the explosion of an alien device together, Carol’s DNA was merged with his, making her a human/Kree hybrid and giving her a helping of his powers. She protected the world as Ms. Marvel for many years, but eventually, after Mar-Vell’s death, she took up his mantle and became Captain Marvel in 2012.”

Polygon suggests that Carol Danvers will be the first Captain Marvel in the MCU, as it’s a lot of backstory/mythology to play out before Infinity War Part 2. The character’s background with the Kree plays into what Guardians of the Galaxy introduced, so there’s a clear tie-in to the MCU and how she could help defeat Thanos. Tune in for a podcast that breaks it down further in the coming weeks!


This is only a surface-level breakdown of what’s next for the MCU before Infinity War Part 2 comes out—tell us your thoughts in the comments and tweet us @Pure_Fandom. Stay tuned for more predictions!

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