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How ‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×04 changed my mind on Rumbelle

Over the course of Once Upon a Time, I have never labeled myself as a Rumbelle shipper. And it’s not just because I have a one-ship per show philosophy. Is that such a thing? It should be. I never felt connected to Rumple and Belle because I never really could make excuses for Rumple’s behavior that affected her. I thought Belle deserved better, but it took 7×04, “Beauty,” to rework my opinion on Rumple.

There were times when I just wanted to throw something at my TV when Belle went back to Rumple after the mischevious he caused to the town, and sometimes, directly to Belle. However, there were also times when I was like “oh okay, I get it. Maybe people can change.” Like when Rumple sacrificed himself with Pan and when Belle and he got married. Then he’d go and pretend to hand over his dagger and take Hook’s heart and cause problems for Emma that would immediately make me dismiss their relationship. Belle didn’t deserve that; she just wanted him to be a decent man, but he kept struggling with that. It was tiring.


7×04 changed my tune though, I started understanding why people shipped Rumbelle. Which I’m sure some of you are like “why do you ship Captain Swan?” It makes sense; we all wonder why someone ships something and not the other thing. I’ve always just stayed on my Captain Swan cloud. It’s clear that we’ve seen Rumple change throughout season 7, and his whole reason for the change is Belle. He wants to get back to her.

I’m not going to lie, 7×04 reduced me to tears, and I never thought Rumbelle would do that to me. The episode showed the two of them growing old together—without any darkness between them. After all that time, he gave up the dark power that he thought was the only reason worth living, for Belle and Gideon. We saw them interact with Gideon, encouraging him to learn and succeed. We saw Rumple’s love shine through when Belle began to gray. We saw them basically do a home makeover on the house. It was little tender, simple moments like that that made me realize they are kind of cute. The ending, specifically, is really what made me accept them as a ship. As we watched Belle die (still not over it), we saw the fight leave Rumple. We saw how truly in love with her he was, but she let go knowing he let go of darkness in the end for her. They got to live some years just the two of them. When she died, he didn’t revert back to his Dark One days. Instead, he kept trying to find the goodness that Belle saw within him because he knew she’d want that. He knew that he wanted to get back to her with the same good heart that she saw when they left Storybrooke. Even this late in the season, Rumple hasn’t done anything to make me mad. Surprisingly. He’s just a man trying to get back to the love of his life. Respect.

So while Rumbelle and I haven’t seen eye-to-eye a lot, 7×04 gave me pause. I see why people ship them. And can I just say the Rumbelle fandom is really sweet too?! When did you start shipping Rumbelle? Sign off below or tweet me!

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