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‘Riverdale’ 2×19: 8 darkest moments from “Prisoner”

Riverdale Season 2, Episode 19, “Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners,” Aired April 25, 2018

Things took a very dark turn on this episode of Riverdale. Another murder has rocked the town, there were multiple kidnappings and the Black Hood is officially back! Let’s take a look at the twisty tale that unfolded in Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners.

8 Darkest Moments from “Prisoners”

#1 RIP Midge. Midge was murdered during the school play and it was tragic. This episode begins with more singing, but this time it’s a haunting song in the graveyard (courtesy of a vengeance swearing Cheryl). The cheerleaders all dressed in their black River Vixen outfits and the town is all in shock over this loss. Also, did they have those black, mourning cheerleader outfits? Or did they have those made? Interesting.

#2 Detective squad. Archie has finally stepped back from his mob days (briefly) and is jumping back into detective mode. With the Black Hood’s return, he is determined to keep his dad safe and the crew is already back into theory mode. Watching them talk about it in the cozy booth makes you almost forget that they are under constant threat of murder or at risk of a loved one being murdered by the Black Hood. The days of gossip and milk shakes are long gone.

#3 Chic isn’t Chic? Jughead and Betty go to hunt down some answers and they finally find the truth – Chic isn’t Charles Smith. The creepiest guy in Riverdale isn’t the long lost brother Betty thought he was. We aren’t at all shocked.

#4 Archie gets kidnapped. Um, holy shit. Nick St. Sinclair’s dumb-ass is back and he has decided to continue his horrid streak of felonies by kidnapping Archie! To add to the drama, they can’t call the cops because it’s all mob-like. Also, there is a lot of ‘bones’ talk, so there’s that.

#5 Alice and F.P. baby drama. OMG, this is so messed up. Alice is devastated to learn the “truth” about her real son and decides to come clean with F.P. about everything. We had long suspected that Charles was the lovechild of F.P. and Alice, but now we have confirmation. There was a lot of emotion to unpack there and it was absolutely heartbreaking.

#6 Black Hood is back. Never before has the song “Lollipop” provided so much fear and tension as it does when Betty’s phone starts going off. They got it all wrong before, it wasn’t the janitor! Black Hood is back and he is out for blood.

#7 Veronica and Nick. Veronica has to take matters into her own hands when her parents refuse to help her rescue Archie. (Apparently, that blood pact means nothing to Hiram.)  She doesn’t have enough money to give Nick, so she agrees to sleep with him. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to go through it because she knocks him out and puts him up as ransom instead – but damn. That was messed up.

#8 Betty gives Chic to the Black Hood. Wow. Chic is scum and we never liked him, but Betty really just did that. WOW.

That episode was dark. Archie is a mob man and Jughead a gang leader, but it’s Betty and Veronica who are savage AF and get shit done. We need a milkshake and a long nap after that one.

What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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