‘Legion’ 2×04 recap: “Chapter 12” is all about Syd

Legion, Season 2, Episode 4, “Chapter 12,” Aired April 24, 2018

Well, that was certainly interesting. This week’s episode of Legion was definitely different from the previous few weeks. In this episode, we saw a departure from the normal Shadow King/crazy infection plot line and got a little bit of backstory on one of our main characters, Syd. David, was trapped in her head, reliving her entire life and seeing just how dark and twisted it really was.  I think this episode was either one that you absolutely loved or one that you hated, I don’t think there was much middle ground on it. So where did I land on ‘Legion’ 2×04?


Not a fan

This was just not an episode that I enjoyed very much to be perfectly honest. Visually, it was as stunning as ever and the acting performances are always top notch, but this felt like a filler episode to me. Yes, we got a lot of backstory on the tragic life of Syd, but was it too much? The repetition made it feel like overkill. I don’t think we needed a full episode to explore this, and maybe it could have been completed in half the time so they could have moved on to something else. I have been so impressed with this season and how it has moved the plot forward, but that didn’t really happen this week and it sort of bums me out.

What I did like

There was something I really enjoyed in this episode however, and it really only lasted a few seconds. The return of Lenny!!!! She showed up in chains in Division 3 at the very end of the episode and I could not be happier. She appears to be free of Farouk and with a brand new body all her own. Where they go from here is anyone’s guess. Is she still under his control or is she free to do what she wants? Either way I hope this means we get more of her because she is just so amazing. It speaks to how great this show really is, because she has not been in this season very much, yet it has still been great. Just think about when she gets some real time, wow.

legion series premiere recap

Where do we go from here

Despite not loving this episode, my thoughts on Legion have not changed at all. This is still the best hour on TV and I fully accept that this might be a issue with me more than the show. I can completely understand why people loved this episode, and if you did, that’s awesome. Just wasn’t for me I guess. I am however, extremely excited for the rest of the season and next week specifically. More Lenny, more Oliver and probably something even wackier that I can’t even think of, it’s going to be great.

What did you think? Hit the comments and let us know!

Legion airs on FX, Tuesdays at 10/9c.


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