‘Empire’ 4×14: 8 best moments from “False Face”

Empire, Season 4, Episode 14, “False Face”, aired April 25th, 2018

The betrayal of Eddie is only just beginning, as he continues to try and steal Empire out from under Cookie and Lucious. Cookie is on a mission of her own to find Poundcake’s daughter and get them in the same room together before Cookie’s old cell mate dies. Lucious is heading up the mission to take Eddie down, with Thirsty trying to help the king and queen with their separate missions at the same time. Let’s discuss our favorite moments!

Empire 4x14

8. Poundcake’s daughter

This has been a pretty interesting story right from the beginning. Cookie has so many reasons to ignore Poundcake’s plea. But she bonds with her old cellmate over motherhood instead. That and Cookie never backs out of a promise. Maya is impressive and so talented. Plus, seeing Cookie rehearse what she would say to the young girl was pure gold.

Empire 4x14

7. Thirsty

Okay, we admit it. We love Thirsty. Whether Cookie, Lucious, or any of the other Lyons want to admit it, Thirsty has become part of this family. He’s proven time and time again that not only is he willing to go the extra mile for this family, but usually he is already doing it before asking. Thirsty acts first and then tries to insert what he’s done into the conversation later. Never change, Thirsty. Never. Change.

Empire 4x14

6. Mess with Lucious, you get the Lyon

Lucious has always had the attitude that if you mess with him once, that’s the only chance you will get. Usually because he has either killed you himself, or orchestrated a way for someone else to kill you. But this time around, Lucious didn’t kill Eddie for his betrayal. Yet. But we were kind of loving the way he handled the situation. Lucious had to keep it on the down low in order to keep Cookie out of things due to her heart. The way our king got all of Eddie’s women together to make him look bad and have to deal with a bad situation? Yeah, we’re loving it. Every second. Sending the champagne over? That was the cherry on top we all needed.

Empire 4x14

5. Cookie’s mama

We’ve learned a lot about Cookie this season and seen more of her time in prison than ever before. Getting this insight on Cookie has really helped us understand her even better than before. Cookie’s her mother is one of the aspects of her life we’ve heard the least about. We know she cheated on Cookie’s father and took off, leaving the three girls in their father’s care. But seeing the woman try to reconnect with Cookie while she was in prison and Cookie’s reaction to her had us understanding our queen in a whole new light. Plus, we have a feeling flashbacks won’t be the only time we see Cookie’s mom. We’re ready!

Empire 4x14

4. TaKeem 

We shouldn’t. We know we shouldn’t. But that doesn’t stop us from loving the relationship between Hakeem and Tiana. They need to be together. This has been a rocky relationship since the moment they met in season one. But it seemed like they finally had everything all figured out and were in a good place. Hakeem proposed and Tiana wanted to say yes. But Eddie has her all messed up and convinced her to leave Hakeem. We’re confident the separation won’t last with what happened in this episode. Hakeem and Tiana are the next generation of Lucious and Cookie.

Empire 4x14

3. Time is of the essence

Was Lucious tough on Jamal and Hakeem just like old times? Well, yes. But Lucious is always going to be rough on his artists. Especially when they are his sons. That’s just the way it’s going to be when he is in business mode. Right now, that attitude is more important than ever. With Eddie trying to take Empire, Lucious needs what he needs and he needs it now. We think seeing Lucious back in his strongest mode was refreshing. Every move he made had us nodding in agreement. Go get them, Lucious. As a bonus, Eddie’s little remark about Cookie has Lucious wanting to take him out with a vengeance.

Empire 4x14

2. An epic Cookie clapback

While we love Tiana. We do love Cookie more. But Tiana’s attitude since she started conspiring with Eddie has us wanting to slap her. Cookie gave us more than we could have asked for with the way she put Tiana right back in her place. Eddie has Tiana acting like a spoiled brat and Cookie’s words clearly hit Tiana where it hurt. Which is exactly what the girl needed. We’re sure it’s hoping for too much that Cookie’s words have a lasting impact on Tiana, but we’re going to keep our fingers crossed anyway.

Empire 4x14

1. Ride or die

We knew Lucious wasn’t going to be able to hide what he was trying to do from Cookie wasn’t going to last. Just like what Cookie was doing wasn’t going to be a secret from Lucious for long either. These two are always going to have differences. That’s how it is. They’ve known each other too long and have too much history for things to be any different. But they will always work it out. Lucious may still be ruthless, but when it comes to Cookie, he has learned a thing or two. Cookie may still always go on the defensive, but she has learned when it comes to Lucious as well. This is what makes them a ride or die couple.

Empire 4x14

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