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‘The Flash’ recap: 4×19 “Fury Rogue”

The Flash episode “Fury Rogue” aired April 24 2018.

It’s another heist with Leonard Snart! Should be fun, right? Sadly, unlike last season’s analogous episode, “Fury Rogue” is subdued by the need to push the plot forward, as well as let the characters grieve Ralph Dibny. Still, having Snart around can never go too wrong. He made X-men and Avengers puns within a minute of each other.

Hello darkness my old friend

Dr Finkle returns! Iris brings Barry to The Counsellor so they can voice their feelings about Ralph’s death. The Counsellor lists all the deaths they have experienced since season 1 and wow, it’s pretty long. She actually gives some legitimate advice this time, telling Barry that grief is complex. However, our speedster claims after all the aforementioned deaths, he is used to dealing with it.

the flash barry allen grant gustin
image: fyeahgrantgust tumblr

Soon enough, he gets an excuse to not deal with his feelings. Star Labs scanners detect pocket dimensions around Tracy Brand’s lab. She has been trying to help Fallout, the radioactive meta, stay contained. They think DeVoe wants Fallout and decide to move him to an ARGUS facility. Caitlin and Cisco design a hazmat suit for Fallout, but just in case, they need some cold stuff on hand. With Killer Frost out of commission, the Flash races to Earth X to recruit Leo Snart. However, Black Siren X, who’s been chasing Snart, follows them through the breach.

Side note: it’s really pointless to keep giving the Earth X evil doppelgangers those masks. They pretty much wear the same costumes and have the same hairstyle. WE CAN TELL WHO THEY ARE. The face reveals ain’t dramatic at all.

Barry spends most of the episode maintaining that he can’t afford to grieve because he needs to “lead [his] team” to stop DeVoe. Snart continuously reminds him that he needs to let himself grieve or he won’t be in the right mind to fight.

the flash barry allen leo snart
image: the CW

See Barry that’s why Iris is the Team Flash lady boss – she keeps a level head and knows how to deal with her emotions readily.

Snart also offered his counselling services to Caitlin, who misses exchanging notes with Killer Frost. She discovers that she still has some Killer Frost DNA, but no dark matter. That means Killer Frost might not be entirely gone.

the flash caitlin snow
image: the CW

Thinking vs Feeling

Turns out, the pocket dimensions were just a ruse to make Team Flash move Fallout. However, they aren’t being transported to the destination Clifford was counting on. While he is frustrated, Marlize is happy to have husband back – face and all – and seemingly in good health. This compounds her husband’s frustration as he think her emotions are distracting from their mission.

Clifford intercepts the transport truck and taunts Barry, using Ralph’s powers and the nickname “Rookie”. Barry freezes up in anger. That’s when Siren X attacks. She scream-blasts Leo and Barry somewhere, then kidnaps Caitlin, Joe, and Fallout.

Clifford tells Marlize that the Flash should have beaten Siren X. He doesn’t understand why Barry didn’t do a thing. Marlize realises that Barry wasn’t thinking straight and points out that Clifford is unable to account for people’s emotions.

Revenge of the Siren

Siren X brings Fallout to CCPD and makes him remove his protective helmet, exposing everyone to radioactivity. Everyone collapses but for Caitlin and Joe, because Caitlin injected the team with a serum that temporarily inoculates them to radioactivity.

the flash siren x black siren
image: the CW

Siren X screams at Fallout to instigate him. She wants to blow up CCPD because it will make her feel better about all the other evil doppelgängers being dead, or something. She also manages to knock out the Flash, Cold, Joe and Caitlin when they each attempt to apprehend her.

Barry hits his head and has flashbacks of Ralph. He freezes again, but Snart yells at him and he eventually whammies Siren X. Caitlin and Snart grab the cold guns and cool down Fallout’s critical reaction. Joe realises Barry ran off and finds him in his former CCPD lab crying. Fallout’s trust in Barry to keep him safe reminded Barry of Ralph’s trust which he failed. Barry finally accepts that he must face his feelings and books his own appointment with The Counsellor.

Snart invites everyone to Earth X for his marriage with Ray Terrell, but they decline on account of being occupied with DeVoe. Cisco does offer a small-scale breaching device, so the couple can honeymoon somewhere nice since Earth X has been razed. Snart also showers everyone with compliments before leaving.

the flash citizen cold leo snart
image: dailycisco tumblr

Bad behaviour

In the aftermath of last week, Gideon tells Harry that the dark matter overload had aversely affected his brain. He is quite literally loosing his intelligence. Meanwhile, Cisco requests an intelligence booster/thinking cap of his own to use alongside Harry. Knowing the cap’s dangers, Harry acts mean to Cico and sabotages Cisco’s cap.

Cisco eventually figures it out, and Harry is forced to confess what he did in the time vault. He became obsessed with the cap because he believed IQ is the only thing he has to contribute. His obsession with becoming smarter was his downfall. He didn’t want Cisco to go down that same path. Cisco finally points out that Harry is more than intelligence, citing Jesse as an example. Raising a wonderful person isn’t something achieved simply by being smart. He manages to stop Harry from leaving Earth 1.

Clifford and Barry were both terrible husbands tonight. Barry very rudely brushed Iris off when she confronted him about him freezing in the face of DeVoe. And Clifford kept telling Marlize not to think – essentially devaluing her opinions. He also straight up told her she was holding them back by being happy. She just wanted a date night! The last comment deeply upset her. Someone give these women some wine.


  • “I gotta say, on any Earth, Snarts have style.”

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