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‘Krypton’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 1×06, “Civil Wars”

Krypton, Ep 1×06, “Civil Wars” aired on April 25, 2018

Welcome back, Kandorians. In ep 1×06, “Civil Wars,” Adam Strange reveals the shocking truth. Lyta is the mother to General Zod himself. The twists just keep coming and we cannot get enough. Seg is not very happy with his new time-traveling buddy when he finds out the truth about Krypton’s fate. With all the talk about saving Seg’s future grandson, he never did mention the fact that Krypton explodes in a few hundred years. Oops. Clearly, Seg joins with Lyta and her son’s plan to save Kandor from Brainiac.

Hit play and listen in as Brad and Cort break down this week’s all-new episode, “Civil Wars”. While Lyta and Seg have the mother-of-all truth bombs lobbed their way, House Vex and Jayna continue their machinations to overthrow the Voice of Rao. They have a foolproof plan and it might have worked, if Braniac’s sentry hadn’t taken over Rao last week. Now there will be no de-throning Rao anytime. Unless of course, #TeamZodEl unleashes their new and uber dangerous weapon. Will Adam somehow convince his new friend to preserve the future timeline? Can General Zod truly be trusted? What happens now that the attempted coup has failed spectacularly? Give us a listen and then be sure to drop a comment or in our Facebook group with your thoughts on Ep 1×06, “Civil Wars”. You can also email us at [email protected]


Brad & Cort Talk ‘Krypton’ ep 1×06, “Civil Wars”

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