Dive into your favorite movie adventures with these online games

While it’s long been a trope that movie-based games are simply a way of grabbing more bucks while throwing the laws of playable gaming out the window, in plenty of cases this simply isn’t true. While classics like GoldenEye and Wolverine reign supreme, there are still plenty of games to take advantage of that are kicking around at the moment – even with online play.

Even while these days it’s more likely that a video game series will get made into a movie (Angry Birds, anyone?), there are still plenty of jewels to be found in games – both on mobile as well as console and PC.

Check out our list of our most recommended games and give them a spin!

Ready Player One, anyone?

One of the hottest movie names on every sci-fi buff’s list at the moment is undoubtedly Ready Player One. A Tron-like adventure into a strange world, and yet filled with the same ideology that we expect from games. While Ready Play One might not be a worldwide hit, it’s sure to live on as a cult classic forever. As a 2018 release for nerdy types, you can be sure that the movie has already spun off some killer games.

HTC Vive has not one but eight(!) games available for Ready Player One fans to get their hot little hands on – because if VR is done right, it’s going to be done by these guys. Grab yourself a headset and strap yourself in for a ride. While each game probably isn’t everything your heart desires, you can get to the heart of OASIS (the basis of the Ready Player One world) and give it your best try. Hit up HTC for all the deets.

Resident Evil, for zombie apocalypse styles

If you’ve ever watched the Resident Evil series and thought, “Holy hell, Milla Jovovich is a bad ass”, and only thought the series lived on in film, well, you’re in for a treat. Resident Evil was a revolutionary first-person shooter in Japan long before those film people laid their mitts on the franchise. Resident Evil could well have been the catalyst for the in-your-face zombie horror of The Walking Dead.

You don’t have to like the Resident Evil movie series to enjoy the games: All it requires is an interest in first-person shooters. If that’s your jam, then we recommend you take a look at the games as far back as you can go. Grab an emulator and get stuck into that zombified storyline. Or, get online with the latest version and head out with your mates.

Warcraft, for a true blockbuster

While it’s actually a movie adaption of a video game, Warcraft, or to be true to its roots, World of Warcraft, is still a huge winner. Sure, the movie wasn’t that awesome, but the game continues to keep going from strength to strength. Warcraft the game began way back in 1994, setting the world alight with its holistic strategy game approach. From the second iteration of the series you have been able to play with others online.

I kid you not, I have met players in my professional life as a defense systems engineer that live and breathe Warcraft in their non-work lives. Warcraft can suck you in and never spit you out – so if you like that kind of commitment and dedication and don’t want a spouse at the moment, then perhaps Warcraft might just be what you’re looking for.

The Lego Movie

It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone still loves Lego. Now, you might think that you’ve grown out of Lego, or that you’d only play it with kids and you definitely wouldn’t watch a Lego movie or play a Lego game. Let me tell you—that is a silly mistake. The Lego movies are sheer brilliance with the type of jokes you snicker at that just fly on past over kids’ heads. The Lego games are pure adventure gaming that takes skill but is an enjoyable jaunt.

And as such, The Lego Movie game is a real delight. Throw away your preconceptions (if you have any) and get stuck into playing this addictive game. Oh, it’s rated 9/10 on Steam. Go forth and play, and don’t feel guilty for it. Everyone loves Lego.

Mortal Kombat

We all know of the game Mortal Kombat (latest release in 2016) but let’s flip it back and ask: Have you seen the movie Mortal Kombat? For anyone under the age of 30, it’s probably a definite “nope”. But, if you like your movies served with a healthy dose of cheese, then Mortal Kombat, the 1995 movie, might be right up your alley.

With Christopher Lambert as Lord Rayden and a killer soundtrack, it was a 90’s movie that kicked almost as much ass as its video game counterpart. Get stuck into the movie, the arcade game, or the latest iteration of the game, and get your moves sorted to destroy your opponents any last little way that you can. Sub Zero would approve.

There are also plenty of games that require less time investment that you can play online that are based on movies. These ones usually don’t manage to suck you in for days (or weeks) at a time. If you’re after a little bit of light refreshment, then check out games like movie based slot machines (hey, you can even use the codes here to play for free!) or check out movie websites when they’re released – they’ll prob have deets of some JavaScript games you can play online or on mobile.

There are plenty of good movie-based games out there – you’ve just got to know what you’re looking for. Check out gaming houses that have the best reputation and see what they’re putting out. Check out the BAFTAs (British Academy Video Game Awards) and other awards for the current year. Don’t put up with playing lousy games, and don’t put up with watching lousy movies in that case, either!

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