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‘The 100’ Season 5 Premiere recap: “Eden”

The 100 Season 5 premiere, Season 5, Episode 1 recap: “Eden,” Aired April 24, 2018

Welcome back! First, we’d like to send all of our love and adoration to this amazing fandom. That was a LONG hiatus, but (as you already know) Season 5 was worth the wait! Much of this episode focused on Clarke and her intense battle for survival on an unforgiving Earth, but we also got to see what the Space Kru is up to, the new Sky People (aka prisoners) and whatever, bloody nightmare kingdom Octavia has built in the Bunker. Let’s break it all down!

42 days after Praimfaya. Our girl is a fighter. She (literally) emerges from the rubble, ready to face her new reality and find the bunker like a boss. Most of us would crumble under the weight and the stress of it all, but Clarke powers through and finds the Rover. The joy of this small win is washed away pretty quickly once she sees the fallen ruins of Polis. Despite her efforts, she can’t get to the bunker and it’s a huge set back. She really is all alone.

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Ghosts. Clarke makes her way to Arkadia to look for supplies, but she finds more relics from their former lives on Earth. She had already found a stick from the Grounder throne and now she is unearthing even more things that make the last four seasons feel so, so long ago. In a locked case, she finds Maya’s ipod, Jasper’s goggles and a letter to Monty. (Sob!)

Clarke. She has had to be strong for so many, for so long that it’s actually good to see her be able to grieve and cry. She needs that and finding Jasper’s items was her breaking point. What’s amazing about this sequence is how it is a push and pull on Clarke (and our emotions). We see these devastating blows and these small victories like a mini tug of war on Clarke’s sanity and our heart strings.

the 100 season 5 premiere
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The rain and the bug food, then the storm and the loss of the solar panels/the Rover, and then she finds another glimmer of hope when she sees a bird. She hopes it will lead her to food or water but it’s another let down. That’s when we see Clarke finally crack. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see our hero fall. In one of the hardest moments of the episode, she pulls out her gun and holds it to her head, but thankfully she changes her mind. Also, how fucking amazing is Eliza Taylor in this scene? Give her all the Emmys!

The Valley. YES! Clarke follows the bird (then eats it). She has finally found the spot of green we saw her in during the last moments of Season 4. The grounders that lived there have the cutest, most colorful hippy village and it’s like a breath of fresh air (minus all of the rotting bodies). Clarke is finally thriving and it’s amazing. She keeps messaging Bellamy, knowing that it is most likely a waste of time and it’s adorable!

Mama Clarke and Madi. This little unwashed child just strolls up and suddenly, Clarke isn’t the only one on Earth anymore! It’s not friendship/love at first sight though. Madi leads Clarke into a bear trap and then shanks her! Damn, kid! But the way to Madi’s heart was through Clarke’s art! Flash forward 6 years and we see that these two are very much a team and the mother/daughter bond feels so organic and real. Clarke has even drawn all of their friends and basically all of the events of the last four seasons and has been telling Madi all of the stories.

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The Ring. The episode is over halfway over before we even get a glimpse at the Space Kru. Honestly, we could watch Bellamy gazing out of windows all damn day. He isn’t just gazing, he’s wondering why the f*ck they are still in space. It seems like the topic of their time in space is a bit of a sore spot, so much so that they have a punishment if you bring it up. And you have to love that punishments for a “time violation” are dishes, bathroom cleaning, and dealing with Murphy. Also, there is clearly a bit of tension between Raven and Bellamy around all of this.

Papa Bellamy. He has always been a leader, but now we are seeing him really step into a more selfless form of that, just like Clarke used to do. Murphy is alienated from the crew and he legit attacks Bellamy, but instead of getting mad, they train. Bellamy gives him tips on throwing a better punch after Murphy sucker punches him! Bellamy, the same guy who once had a guy killed for kissing his sister is now training Murphy on fighting whilst giving him a life pep talk. WHO IS THIS MAN?!

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A ship! There is another ship! It’s the prisoner transport we saw in 4×13! The Space Kru sees this as their way home and Clarke sees it for what it really is, a new threat. And she is 100% right. These aren’t good guys, they are murderers with giant ass guns. Clarke’s days of hanging out and eating berries with Madi are over. It’s time to kill or be killed – again.

Speaking of ships. Monty and Harper are very much still a thing, but our other couple, Emori and Murphy have called it quits. And (shiver) Bellamy and Echo are thing now. We all know where his heart (and his head) truly belong, so we disagree with Bellamy about the fate of their relationship. Everything is going to change when they get to the ground and everyone knows it. We won’t fault them for finding comfort in each other in space, but even Echo knows that their relationship is doomed. There, I said it. #SorryNotSorry

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Octavia. HOLY SH*T.

Best quotes of The 100 5×01, “Eden”

“It’s like we were never here. Maybe we never should’ve been.” – Clarke

“We’re not alone.” – Charmaine

“There are no good guys.” – Clarke

“No one should have to be that strong.” – Monty

“That’s the thing they don’t tell you about ‘happily ever after’ – harder than it looks.” – Murphy

“Nothing is gonna change on the ground.” – Bellamy

That was a gut punch start to a season that we can’t wait to sink our teeth into! What did you think? With such a big time jump, it was crazy to see where everyone is now. Were you shocked, happy, sad?

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 May we meet again!

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Bellarke feels moments:

“I’m proud of you.” – Clarke to Bellamy over the radio



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