‘Shadowhunters’ 3×06: 5 highlights from “A Window Into an Empty Room”

Shadowhunters recap: Season 3, Episode 6 “A Window Into an Empty Room” aired Tuesday April 24th, 2018

#1. Maryse’s excommunication

Despite her excommunication, Alec declares that Maryse will always be allowed inside the Institute as long as he remains in charge. Being stripped of her title as a Shadowhunter has taken a toll on her, and Maryse admits to Izzy that she really doesn’t know who she is anymore. Hoping to keep their mom’s spirits up, Izzy, Alec, and Jace all take Maryse out to dinner to the Hunter’s Moon.

#2. Brother Zachariah

The scene between Magnus, Clary, and Brother Zachariah is definitely something that readers of The Infernal Devices or even The Moral Instruments can enjoy. Brother Zachariah reveals to Clary that while Jace did request the Silent Brother’s help, he never showed up for the treatment. I also have to admit that the mention of Jace’s ancestor Will Herondale (aka one of my favorite characters to ever roam the literary Earth) had me quite literally screaming my head off. In other words, if you haven’t read The Infernal Devices

#3. Simon’s sire

Finally free from Raphael’s experiments, Heidi immediately goes looking for Simon. Although she comes on pretty strong Simon can’t find it in him to abandon her. Since his blood is the one that turned her, Simon feels like she is his responsibility. It quickly becomes clear to him that Heidi wants a lot more than just his help and will do anything to have Simon for herself. In order to protect those around him, Simon turns Heidi in to the Praetor for rehabilitation with a heavy heart.

#4. Sizzy

After weeks of waiting, we finally got our first Sizzy scene of the season. While it may have been brief it was definitely worth the wait. Izzy confides in Simon about her mom and Simon lets her know that she’s an awesome daughter and she’s doing everything she can just by being there for her. Izzy kisses Simon on the cheek (making Heidi think they’re a couple) and when he asks what the kiss was for Izzy says “For being you.”

#5. Clary discover’s the owl’s identity

We’ve had a classic case of dramatic irony on our hands for the last couple episodes, and while we as the audience knew the owl’s true form, our characters were blissfully unaware. Magnus soon begins to questions the intentions of the woman who asked him for the ” falling out of love” potion and he and Clary immediately go to find Jace. They find the owl in an alley attacking Ollie and after a bit of a scuffle the owl’s true identity as Jace is revealed.

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