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‘iZombie’ recap 4×08 “Chivalry is Dead”

iZombie recap, Season 4, Episode 8, “Chivalry is Dead”, aired April 23rd, 2018

LARPing! Or, live action role playing for those that don’t know or weren’t paying attention. Well, that’s the brains Liv is on this week as Peyton joins her crusade. Things with Major are still going downhill as his decisions continue to be the wrong ones. Also, brain roast anyone? Gross! Let’s break it all down!

iZombie recap 4x08

Peyton rising

Not only is Peyton okay with what Liv is doing with smuggling humans, but she is even proud of it. That’s a side we aren’t sure we’re on yet. Is scratching people and turning them into zombies really saving them in the long run? We’re going to guess probably not. But we are glad to see Peyton on the same page with Liv and willing to stand up next to her best friend. We haven’t been able to see these two work closely together on pretty much anything since the beginning of the series. So this promises to be something pretty exciting!

iZombie recap 4x08

Peyton is able to help Liv out with some resources as well as get herself accepted by the other coyotes. Things with the entire coyote group are getting more dangerous and we’re sure Liv is close to being found out. Ravi and Major probably aren’t going to react very well when they find out the news. Not that Major really has any ground to stand on after all of his bad decisions, but he does still care about Liv and doesn’t want to see anything happen to her.

Knight’s armor

This was a great brain to watch Liv on! It was funny and real at the same time. The entire controversy of zombies versus humans is something that is so easy to relate to with everything going on in today’s world. Everyone seemed so confused about what was happening with Garrett and we were loving it. His usual LARP group thought he had left them for an all zombie LARP group after thinking he was one. We don’t blame them for not wanting to be fighting with a zombie, real swords or not. But it turns out that Garrett wasn’t a zombie and the LARP group thought he was. Or did they? Seems jealousy may have come into play with his murder.

iZombie recap 4x08

We do have to admit that watching zombie LARP fighting is far more exciting than the human version. Fighting others who bleed but don’t go down as easily as people in an all out, drag down fight is something we guiltily admit we would watch. Though we’re not fans of Ravi taking a suit of armor. Especially one that someone had died in. We love that he wants to be Peyton’s knight in shining armor, but get a new suit, man!

Father and son bonding

We are so not liking the developing relationship between Angus and Blaine. What happened to them hating each other? We would really like to go back to that. Especially since it seems that Angus has even more control over his followers than we originally thought. Which is bad. Very, very bad. But then Angus asks for more brains from Blaine, and we have our fingers crossed that there is more at play going on here. We know we shouldn’t, but we’re holding out hope that Blaine does have some good guy capabilities deep down inside. Prove us right, Blaine! Or, don’t.

iZombie recap 4x08

Blaine still had Don on his side, but things are about to get a lot more interesting as Mr. Boss makes his reappearance. This leads to an unholy trinity of a team up. Blaine, Angus and Mr. Boss get together to take out the prison bus heading out of town. This has gone from very bad to downright catastrophic! Someone needs to put an end to all this madness. We know it’s going to be bad when our only hope has come down to Don being the one to stop this. Or Blaine having a change of heart. So, yeah, Don. Or no one.

The zombie that wasn’t

The young girl, Isobel, that Liv was trying to help the entire episode certainly wasn’t a disappointment. There was something different about her from the moment she called Liv, but we had no idea what that difference would be. For a bit, we were nervous that she was going to be someone Liv couldn’t save. We weren’t entirely wrong, but the truth did prove to blow our minds. When Liv finally connected with Isobel and attempted to scratch her, things didn’t take. Liv tries more than once, and still nothing. Color us confused.

iZombie recap 4x08

What is it about Isobel that she didn’t turn into a zombie after Liv scratched her multiple times? Could there be something about her that is the key to Ravi’s vaccine formula? How long can Liv continue hiding her coyote operation from Major, Ravi, and Clive? Especially now that Peyton is involved. How is Stacey Boss back and what exactly does he want from Blaine and Angus? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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