‘The Resident’ recap 1×10 “Haunted”

The Resident, Season 1, Episode 10, “Haunted”, aired April 16th, 2018

Conrad is still punishing himself over Lily’s death as Lane continues doing whatever necessary to cover her own ass. That, and continue her shady ways, of course. The appearance of Conrad’s former mentor just may be the only thing to pull Conrad out of his guilty slump. Well, that and maybe the emotional connection with Nic being reignited. Let’s break it all down!

The Resident recap 1x10

The art of letting go

The appearance of Conrad’s former mentor was perfect television timing. Having his mentor seeing hallucinations of patients she has lost in the past really provided Conrad with some perspective. It was also something that gave us a great source of contrast. Conrad faced off with both of his mentors this week. Lane, the apparent root of all evil, and Jacoby, a beacon for everything that is good and right in the medical world. We think it was that contrast that helped push Conrad into accepting that Lane may not be who he thought. Though, we can’t blame him for falling into Lane’s charismatic trap. Lane is gifted in the art of deception, and we’re pretty sure she’s also a skilled sociopath. Otherwise, there is no way she would be able to kill an innocent woman just so she could set up a nurse who was looking into her sketchy clinic. Damn.

The Resident recap 1x10

But Conrad has made it clear from the start that he feels the emotions of his patients, and he feels them deeply. Conrad connects to each and every patient. So when one of them dies, especially a frequent flyer such as Lily, Conrad blames himself. The amount of pressure he puts on himself is clearly far too much, but Jacoby seemed to get through to at least a part of him. While he did see a hallucination of Lily at the end, we do think Conrad is well on the way to being able to let go of the death of Lily. We’re also sure the take down of Lane will help move the process along. Bonus points if they take down Bell in the process!

Devil’s sidekick

Not only is Lane pretty much evil incarnate, but she’s become a pro at getting Bell involved with all of her nonsense as well. If she’s evil incarnate, then Bell is most certainly her sidekick. But only because Lane is marginally worse than Bell is. Bell and Lane are the perfect evil match, for sure. Between Lane and her sketchy clinic, to how far the woman is willing to go to stop a nurse from investigating her, we are dealing with one terrifying woman. There are no lengths that Lane won’t go to in order to get what she wants. But the scariest part in all of this is that we still don’t know what exactly it is that Lane wants.

The Resident recap 1x10

Then there is Bell who refuses to accept that it’s time to leave medicine for good. Or at the very least, the surgery field. Even when Jude confronts him with the cold hard truth, Bell just gets defensive. Even after almost killing a VIP patient, Bell still refuses to accept that he is long past his retirement. Every single time he makes a mistake, we just shake our heads in grim acceptance. Honestly, what is it going to take for this guy to accept that he’s done and just walk away? On the plus side, this is the first time we’ve really appreciated Jude.

Relationships rising

Everything between Conrad and Nic was beautiful. Pure perfection. From the moment he apologized for not listening to her about Lane in the beginning, to their night together. We’re not even going to call it a night of passion because it was so much deeper than that. This is the first moment that we’ve been able to see these two characters with all of their defenses down, completely vulnerable to each other. All we want is more. Nic is exactly the person Conrad needs, and for the first time we can see that Conrad is exactly the person Nic needs as well. There isn’t a single person that will go to bat for Nic the way Conrad will. There is no one that will pick Conrad up when he’s down and give him a good ass kicking when he needs it like Nic.

The Resident recap 1x10

Then we’ve got Mina and Irving. Every time we begin letting go of this ship as something that isn’t going to happen, they pull us back in! We really thought they were going to go the Micah and Mina route, but this episode proved to reignite the passion we have for Irving and Mina. Plus, we got some amazing scenes with Devon and Conrad. These two are becoming best friends whether they want to admit it or not. Devon has calmed down quite a bit since his first appearance on the show and he brings a balance to Conrad that our favorite doctor needs. So we’re definitely going to need more of these relationships stat.

The Resident recap 1x10

What did you think of Mina and Irving? Will Nic and Conrad officially get back together? What will Lane’s next deceptive step be? What is Lane trying to accomplish? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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