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‘iZombie’ recap 4×07 “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain”

iZombie recap, Season 4, Episode 7, “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain”, aired April 16th, 2018

Liv went full player in this episode as she continues taking risks while continuing Mama Leone’s crusade. Major goes further down his own rabbit hole to the possible point of no return. Clive continues struggling with his open relationship with Dale as Ravi and Peyton continue to be the ray of light we need. Let’s break it down!

iZombie recap 4x07

Major loss

There has been multiple points of disagreement between Liv and Major. Part of the reason the two of them just can’t seem to get things right and just be happy. But the blame can’t rest on Liv this time around. While she certainly can act crazy depending on what brain she’s eaten, Major is the one scaring us. He’s started down a dangerous path and the further down it he goes, the more we’re worried he won’t be able to come back. But Liv isn’t the only one who is going to have a problem with Major’s new direction. Peyton has gotten a taste of Major being Chase’s sidekick and if her face was any indication, she didn’t like what she saw at all. We feel you, Peyton!

iZombie recap 4x07

Major has always been our moral compass and we’re feeling his loss pretty deeply. If Major can go to the dark side, then what hope do the rest of our favorites have? Liv is heading down her own path that isn’t looking much better than Major’s. Though Liv thinks she’s doing the right thing, she has completely gone against her own rules. She has always been so against scratching others and increasing the number of zombies. But now she’s doing it because she thinks it’s the righteous thing to do? We’re not so sure on that one.

Relationship troubles

The romance between Levon and Liv seems to be rising, and we are not impressed. To start with, every time Liv gets a romantic interest that isn’t Major, they die. We don’t really want to see Levon die because he does seem to be good at what he does. But if we have to sacrifice Levon’s life so that Major and Liv can be together, we will be okay with that. We just want to see these two on the same side of things and together happily. But that seems a little too much to ask at this point. Especially with the different paths Major and Liv are on. Add to that, Levon being on the same side as Liv and we’ve got ourselves a real problem.

iZombie recap 4x07

Liv seems to completely see that the romantic aspect of her life isn’t going so great at the moment, especially while she’s on player brain. But instead of focusing on her own, Liv spends most of her time trying to get Clive romantically involved. Something that we also don’t want to see. He belongs with Dale and we refuse to believe anything else. This show is just killing us with the romance lately! The only relationship that seems to be giving us any hope is the one between Ravi and Peyton. So we’re going to hope that Ravi and Peyton will continue being our beacon of romantic light!

Raw Angus

Seeing Liv meet Angus for the first time was exactly what we never knew we needed. Seeing them introduced for the first time after four years had us shaking our heads that it had never happened before! That and we never even noticed the paths hadn’t crossed until now. Which means that Liv has no idea that she should absolutely not be heading to Angus for any type of alliance. The second Angus said Blaine was his son, Liv did seem adequately shocked. But we’re not sure it’s going to turn her off the idea of an alliance completely. Yikes. Unfortunately, Angus is just as deceptively charming as Blaine can be. This screams bad news if Liv falls into his trap in any way.

iZombie recap 4x07

Angus is already building up his own little army and we’re definitely nervous about where that story line is going. The only positive of the situation is that Blaine has finally discovered his father is no longer trapped in the well. This may actually lead to another temporary alliance between Blaine and Liv. That is one team up that is a guilty pleasure of ours. We know Blaine is never truly on the right side of things, just the side that will provide him with what he needs. But, damn, if watching Blaine and Liv argue their way through a mission isn’t our bread and butter! Daddy DeBeers needs to be taken down, and there is no one better way to do it than with a Blaine and Liv team take down!

No going back

So, Liv may has crossed the line, but she may have just cost herself her relationship with Clive. For real this time. When Clive finds out Liv stole things for her Mama Leone operation, he’s going to be understandably pissed. Because let’s be honest, Clive is definitely going to find out. Liv thinks she’s doing the right thing, but we’re worried she may just end up standing all alone.

iZombie recap 4x07

Has Liv gone too far? Will Major be able to break away from Fillmore-Graves? How far is Chase willing to take his crusade? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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