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‘iZombie’ recap 4×06 “My Really Fair Lady”

iZombie recap, Season 4, Episode 6, “My Really Fair Lady”, aired April 9th, 2018

Things got slightly musical this week and a whole lot of crazy. Liv is going to have some struggles taking over Mama Leone’s organization. Major and Liv are still struggling with their relationship while Liv may have just found anther love interest. Ravi makes the grandest of gestures for Peyton. But ultimately it’s Liv who makes the biggest gesture of all, and it could just cost her life! Let’s break it down!

iZombie recap 4x06

Picking up the pieces

Liv had us worried this week. She has fully taken over Leone’s organization, but things aren’t going to be easy. Especially while the group is intent on making a documentary. We don’t think this was a good choice to make by any means. Also, Liv is scratching people now and that really had us cringing. That’s something that Liv has always fought so hard against that it’s hard for us to believe she’s just jumping on the band wagon. Plus, it’s going to add some serious strain to all of Liv’s other relationships and we definitely don’t want that to happen.

IZombie recap 4x06

But it was great to see Liv on musical theater brain! Her emotions were great to see and her musical entrances had us grinning for more! The time apart from Major and the possible new love interest in Levon quickly had that grin falling from our faces. Now that these two are both zombies, can’t they just be together? Everyone else has learned to deal with Liv when she is on different brains. Shouldn’t the man who is supposed to love her be able to deal with it too? But we are going to pretend Major asking Liv where she was going was part jealousy and part concern.

Addicted to love

Peyton was being her typical self and trying to save everyone. But when it came to having Liv eat the brain of a heroin addict, we were glad the idea was nixed. Only to have Ravi do the brain eating while on his monthly zombie week. It was extremely well done, which means it was extremely hard for us to watch. But there was naturally a lot of humor added in and we couldn’t help but appreciate that. Ravi and all the things he did to Major while his best friend was babysitting him had us cracking up. But the serious side really kicked in when we saw Ravi going after Don for a fix.

IZombie recap 4x06

There were some seriously heart wrenching moments from Ravi every time he interacted with Peyton. This was a seriously grand gesture from Ravi and we don’t think he just did it to impress Peyton. If that was the case, he would have called and told her what he had done. We are completely convinced that Ravi did this because of how much he loves Peyton. If that woman doesn’t take this man back, we would gladly take him for her! Peyton just can’t do better than Ravi. Yes, we are including Blaine in that statement. Even if we knew for sure that Blaine was on the good side, which we just aren’t convinced he ever will be, he is just not the one for Peyton.

Walk before running

We really feel for Clive. He finally gets with Dale in a healthy way and she’s turned into a zombie. Even then, Clive did his best to stand by her. But seeing Clive actually attempt to start something with someone else was heartbreaking to watch. It was obvious that he didn’t really want to do it. So, it certainly didn’t surprise us that he botched his attempt at being with someone else for the first time. But it was also great to see Clive being so apologetic and then telling the other woman why he couldn’t get involved with her in anything serious. It’s obvious that this is killing Clive and we need him to have a conversation with Dale that’s just as honest!

iZombie recap 4x06

Another side note is that we loved Rose McIver being able to use her natural accent was nothing short of amazing! Is Liv going to get romantically involved with Levon? Will Major and Liv be able to figure their relationship out? What about Ravi and Peyton? How will Liv continue running Mama Leone’s organization? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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