‘Empire’ 4×13: 8 best moments from “Of Hardiness is Mother”

Empire, Season 4, Episode 13, “Of Hardiness is Mother”, aired April 18th, 2018

Cookie takes on someone from her past as the future of Empire begins to look a little uncertain. Hakeem is actually growing up from the looks of things, while Andre may be on his way back in as well. Meanwhile, Jamal is still dealing with his reputation. There were so many good moments from this episode, it was hard to choose just 8 of them! But we sorted through and picked to the best of our abilities! So sit back, relax, and enjoy our list with accompanying gifs for our top picks!

Empire 4x13

8. The truth about Eddie

Finally. Finally! We have been waiting for Lucious to learn the truth about Eddie and his scheming for such a long time now. While Lucious and Andre cooked up a scheme that would turn Eddie’s exes on him, we can’t wait for the real moment that Eddie gets taken down. There is no way Lucious is just going to let Eddie get away with all of this betrayal and the near loss of Empire. A Lucious and Cookie team up to take down Eddie is exactly what the doctor ordered, and we can’t wait for the delivery!

Empire 4x13

7. Doctor Lucious

We’ve seen Lucious play a lot of different roles over the years, but caring husband hasn’t been one. At least not genuinely. While he and Cookie may not be technically married anymore, every time Lucious calls Cookie his wife, our hearts flutter. Lucious giving Cookie the bracelet monitor and then calling on her every time her numbers got a little too crazy showed us just how worried Lucious truly is about the love of his life. Plus, it added an excellent dynamic of comedy that we love between these two. More, please!

Empire 4x13

6. Hakeem’s apprentice

We’ve never seen Hakeem in the position of mentor before, and we think we’re going to like it. Especially with a character like Blake. This just brings Hakeem up one step closer to becoming an even better version of his father. We say better only because we hope that Hakeem doesn’t go quite as far as his father in the ruthless department. This mentor relationship could be excellent for Hakeem and help to push him even farther in his own music as well.

Empire 4x13

5. Andre and Lucious

Sure, Andre tried to blow his parents up. But, his meds had been messed with by the DuBois family and obviously his bipolar disorder was reaching new heights. Plus, Cookie had a point when she said all the members of the Lyon family wanted their patriarch dead at one time or another. If there is one thing Lucious excels at, it’s making enemies. But watching Andre slowly but surely work his way back into his father’s graces was wonderful. It felt kind of like a clean slate and that’s exactly what these two need. Especially since it seems as though each member of the Lyon family is getting their own fresh start.

Empire 4x13

4. Cookie’s take down

Seeing Cookie take down her old prison guard was both beautiful and well deserved. Cookie is just about as tough as they come and while her heart attack may have knocked her down, we have no doubt Cookie will get back up. Stronger than ever, too! Cookie got the information she needed and she didn’t hesitate to head over to the prison guard’s home and confront him. All while dodging Lucious and his monitoring of her health. We would have been completely okay with Cookie walking away after she got the information she needed, but we should have known that wasn’t good enough for her. Cookie went back in and told the wife about the kind of man she was living with. Go, Cookie!

Empire 4x13

3. Bad Jamal

While his fans don’t apparently love it, we were loving the rebel side of Jamal. We’re sure it is going to go too far and, while we don’t want to see that, we are loving his new sound. The softer side of Jamal is still in there, he just has to find the balance between being rebellious and inspiring. But if anyone can do that, it’s Jamal.

Empire 4x13

2. Hakeem stepping up

Hakeem has been on the path to maturity in the recent months. He is really stepping up and taking on the role of a man. Not only does is he looking out for his mother in a way that has us grinning, but he is truly trying to be the father that Bella deserves. Hakeem also stepped up in trying to solidify his relationship with Tiana once and for all by asking her to marry him. While Tiana said no, we know that was only because of Eddie and his influence of her. We’re holding out hope that TaKeem will be once again!

Empire 4x13

1. Cookie and Lucious

As long as these two continue on the relationship path they’re headed, they are going to continue to top our list! We are just loving seeing this emotional and raw portrayal of Lucious. Also, it’s about damn time! We knew there were some genuine emotions underneath that cool, gangster exterior. Who better to show those emotions to, than the love of his life? Cookie being calm, up front, and honest about how she’s feeling had us cheering for her while internally turning to mush. Keep bringing the Coocious! We’re loving it!

Empire 4x13

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