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‘Dynasty’ 1×19: 8 best moments from “Use or Be Used”

Dynasty, Season 1, Episode 19, “Use or Be Used”, aired April 20th, 2018

Everyone is just getting a bit nastier as the first season of Dynasty heads towards its finale! Steven is lying to just about everyone as he attempts to find his long-lost brother. Blake’s marriage is only made worse by him now blackmailing Cristal as if it’s an everyday occurrence. The whole point behind Alexis visiting her ex-husband and children still isn’t quite clear, and Fallon finds out the truth behind Liam! There were a lot of moments to pick from, but we’ve got our 8 favorites below!

Dynasty 1x19

8. The La Perla party 

In a show that is all about parties, it’s natural for us to want to put the party of the week on the list. But this one was exceptionally extravagant. The outfits were all over the place, but that’s just the way we like it! Plus the appearance of real life creative director, Julia Haarte was a lovely bonus! Especially since the outfits on this show continue to be the perfect homage to the original series with an added flair of current fashion. A hard feat!

Dynasty 1x19

7. Blake’s crumbling marriage

Blake’s character has struggled all season long to decide which side of the line he will stand on. Every time he tries to be the good guy, something just doesn’t seem to fit. Even when his attempts work out, there is just something off with the character. With Blake sinking to an all new low in his sham of a marriage to Cristal, we think Blake has finally found his place. He is meant to be the villain of this series. Not one with a redemption arc, either. At least not this season. Not that we agree with Blake blackmailing Cristal, but it does add to his villainous flair that we are kind of enjoying.

Dynasty 1x19

6. Alexis’ workout jam

Nothing screams an 80’s reboot quite like an 80’s style workout segment. Seeing Alexis in full old school style workout garb and kicking it to an Olivia Newton-John hit was amazing! While we may not be the biggest fan of Alexis or her mysterious motives, we definitely loved this segment. It was the type of scene we needed and there was no other character to pull it off like Alexis. We certainly couldn’t see Cristal trying this one out!

Dynasty 1x19

5. Sam as executive assistant

We all know Sam is a bad ass and one that works his ass off while he’s at it. Being Fallon’s proxy allowed Sam to show his business side. One we weren’t sure he had until now. The way he handled Jeff was both efficient and impressive, all while being extremely professional and suave. Way to kick it, Sam! We will admit that we were unsure how this job was going to work out for Sam when he first acquired it, especially with his unclear motives. But it seems that he is fitting into the role perfectly and is even beginning to have a genuine like for Fallon.

Dynasty 1x19

4. Michael’s mother

Fallon has put Michael through the emotional ringer. There, we said it. Now he has to deal with his father being on his death bed too. It’s so much less than what Michael deserves. But Fallon showing up to the hospital wasn’t what Michael needed and we were so happy that Michael’s mother wasn’t afraid to tell Fallon that. These two just don’t seem to be good together. Or maybe it’s all a part of their journey to getting together. Either way, we love seeing others stand up to Fallon and that it came from Michael’s own mother was beautiful.

Dynasty 1x19

3. Anders’ snark

We love Anders and we have always loved him for his snark. But we also appreciate all those times when underneath his snark, Anders shows how much he truly cares for the Carrington family. Giving it to Alexis for not being around for her kids was beautiful. It was also something Alexis needed to hear, even if she won’t take it to heart. Hearing Anders speak about Fallon’s feelings and how the end of her relationship with Michael truly hurt her had us feeling the warm and fuzzies. We love you, Anders! Don’t ever change!

Dynasty 1x19

2. Steven’s mission

We have been hearing about the mysterious third Carrington child for weeks now. We also get that he was kidnapped a super long time ago. But as a parent, and especially a parent with millions, it seems that Blake never should have stopped looking for his child. Alexis still hasn’t. So, seeing Steven take the matter into his own hands and go off on his own searching for his brother was great. While we don’t condone his lying to go on the covert mission, we do have to appreciate his goal!

Dynasty 1x19

1. Sam and Fallon

We are loving the relationship between these two. What started out as a relationship that we thought would be frenemies until the end, we love admitting that we were wrong. It kind of seems that these two are becoming the best of friends. It’s a relationship that we can truly root for, one of the only ones on this show at this point. We love their interactions and the fact that Sam gives Fallon truly good advice. We love even more that Fallon actually goes to Sam for the advice in the first place.

Dynasty 1x19

What did you think of our list? Was there anything we missed? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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