Anime opening themes: 5 intros that grab your senses

It would be impossible for me to make a list of the best anime opening themes and give them any sort of ranking. It seems like any time I watch something new I find another theme to add to my IPod and YouTube playlists. However I’m thinking way back to a couple of my initial articles here on Pure Fandom. First, I shared my suggestions for good introductory animes – the ones to get you hooked. Then I wrote about the anime opening themes that would speak to your soul.

I want to go a step further here. I am going to share a list of five intros that are used in the initial episodes of the selected anime. My goal is to give you five new anime to watch that will grab you by your senses and force you to binge watch from the beginning. Not only is the music pure #hype but the animation gives you enough of a taste to whet your appetite to watch the whole thing.

Spoiler alert: As usual, I have to provide a warning. Yet this one is a light one. I might let slip a small spoiler in the descriptions. It is my ultimate hope that after you watch these intros you will dive straight into watching the anime itself!


Anime Opening: Yuri!!! on Ice


If there is one opening theme that perfectly conjugates the music, the lyrics, and the visuals, then it would be History Maker of Yuri!!! on Ice. Openings tell a story and you get all the important elements in this opening. The three main characters are featured prominently. The lyrics give you a bird’s eye view of the story. These characters are born to make history. But it isn’t because of destiny. Their desire to achieve is born from love and hard work and determination. Bonus that this intro is in English and that your eyes can feast on the explosion of color in the animation.


Anime Opening: One Punch Man

Viz Media

I promised #hype and here it is. From the very first lyric we get the premise of this anime: ONE PUNCH! The Hero starts high and just gets higher. Yes, in homage to the #getpsyched Master Barney Stinson, this song does not fall! We are treated to a visual onslaught of Saitama’s furious fists blowing away a host of bad guys throughout the intro. You’ve got to pay special attention to the subbed lyrics to get a taste of the story. No one knows of Saitama’s victories because they are simply unbelievable. A hero for fun can’t be responsible beating any evil-doer in one punch.


Anime Opening: Blue Exorcist


Personal preference here, but whenever I hear a sultry saxophone in an intro it immediately grabs my attention. Core Pride is more about the music for me. The visual storytelling is strong. You get plenty of Rin (the main character) doing what he does best (which is usually looking down but not out). There are also multiple short cameos by all the secondary characters which help identifying them later on an easier task. However the music…it keeps driving forward. It engages you with unstoppable forward momentum.


Anime Opening: Overlord


Clattanoia is another intro with its foot on the gas pedal. As Momonga marches through the animation we’re treated to individual side characters and a gallery type preview of moments that he’ll encounter. There are mysteries throughout this intro: who is this skeletal man called Overlord, are these other characters his retainers or his enemies, how does he become the black knight? The song ends by saying that he’ll live in a misery-driven world, but we don’t see much misery in the animation. You have to watch to see how Momonga adapts to survive.


Anime Opening: Death Parade


I shared this opening a few weeks ago but it is still occupying my brain space. Flyers is a song that it is impossible not to get hooked into. It invites you to put your hands up and dance in the sky. Who can resist that?!?! You’ll notice that I prefer intros that give you a taste of all the characters and Death Parade does just that. You get served these visuals of the games and Decim’s bar where much of the story takes place. But I think my favorite part is seeing Decim and Chiyuki dance on the pedestal. Their back and forth is key to the story and the dance is so beautifully representative of that – trusting your partner and living in that moment of the music.

Anime Opening - YLiA
Image: AndyYaboku

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ve hit the mark with these intro selections. Heck, just listening to them as I’ve written this article makes me want to binge them the rest of this weekend! What anime opening would you suggest to me to get me hooked into a show? Please leave a comment here or reach out to me on social media (TwitterInstagram)!


Featured Image: Aniplex


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