‘Pure Inspiration’ Vol. 1: Jameela Jamil and her body-positive ‘I Weigh’ movement

Welcome to Pure Inspiration — a series that shines a light on our favorite actors, creators, and leaders in the fandom community who are making a difference. We are spotlighting those who embody positive change and the charities, organizations, and causes they support. With the series, we hope to lift up the people who are impacting the fandom community and beyond by setting an example of kindness, humanity, and forward motion.

This week, we want to focus on Jameela Jamil and her ‘I Weigh’ movement on Instagram. You may recognize Jameela from NBC’s hilarious sitcom The Good Place where she stars alongside Ted Danson and Kristen Bell. Yes, she’s phenomenal on the show (seriously, you should watch it), but it’s a movement she personally started that’s making waves and garnering praise across social media.


Jameela started an Instagram account called ‘I Weigh’ to encourage people to weigh themselves in more important things than pounds. It all started with a post on her own account where she expressed frustration with the fashion and media industry.

The #IWeigh campaign was ready to explode, and its dedicated account very quickly gained traction. Now, @i_weigh has over 21k followers with more than 500 posts featuring women (and men) calling out what they weigh themselves in and what they’re proud of.

Jameela wrote a piece for Glamour discussing the campaign. On its creation, she said, “… I started a campaign four weeks ago, showing women how I weigh myself: in achievements and experiences, not pounds and kilograms.”

In her heartfelt and fiery Glamour letter, Jameela’s passion is apparent and infectious.

I started “I weigh” so that we don’t forget. So that we stop and we take a moment and look closely at what is rightfully ours to notice and celebrate. We take so much for granted, and we take ourselves for granted. We sell ourselves short, and we buy into this nonsense all the time. I don’t think it’s wrong to take pride in your appearance, but not to the extent that it swallows you whole and completely cancels out all of the other things that make you who you are.

Would you tell your friend that she would be funnier, smarter, or a better person if she were more toned? Would you tell her she didn’t deserve love or happiness because she had cellulite or some wrinkles? Would you tell her it didn’t matter how much she had achieved because she didn’t have a thigh gap and that she is a failure in life and a waste of space for not looking like a doll? Then why do you say it to yourself?

Check out some of the awesome posts people have shared on @i_weigh:

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Let’s not forget about the fellas!

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Jameela keeping it real

Even on her personal Instagram account, Jameela always serves up the realness. One of her most recent posts calls out the very real psychological dangers of photoshopping

Here at Pure Fandom, we think what Jameela is doing is the definition of Pure Inspiration. We love that she has been able to encourage more self-love across a platform notorious for fostering self doubt, jealousy, and unrealistic expectations. Social media can be wonderful, but it can also wreak havoc on our emotional and psychological well-being. Instagram and similar platforms aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so let’s flip the script and keep it real, positive, and full of love.

Make sure you read Jameela’s whole letter on Glamour (it’s amaze-balls, guys), and then hop on over to Instagram and share what you “weigh” using the hashtag #iweigh.

(Featured Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)


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