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‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×18 recap: “The Guardian”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 7, Episode 18 “The Guardian,” aired April 20, 2018.

This episode gave me so many Rumbelle feels, and I’m not even that big of a fan of them. So if they could stop hitting me with these feels, that would be really great. Also, we found out who the Guardian was. Although, I think a lot of you already had that pegged ages ago. Let’s dig in!

Belle shrines


The episode starts with a shrine dedicated to Belle, and oh my gosh my heart. I think you may already know that Rumbelle and I aren’t the best of friends, but I really feel for Rumple. He just wants Belle back. Then he starts talking about Gideon and his studies. Oh man, stop with this pain. But the man cannot grieve his true love without another big bad coming in to ruin everything. Dr. Facilier comes out of literally nowhere, and he starts threatening to kill Rumple. Not before he tells him he can hear Belle.

Facilier then thinks he can kill Rumple. Honestly, how funny. You would think Facilier would know he cannot kill the Dark One. Because, you know, he IS immortal. A guy who studies the art of dark magic should know this. Then Rumple comes to the information that he needs to find the Guardian so he can reunite with Belle and be rid of the darkness. The darkness is coming back too, so the time is running out. Hurry, Rumple!

Thee Guardian


The hunt is on, and Rumple has his sight on Alice. A pure heart is one he needs. In order to do that, he’s got to resort to some tricks. Which we all know that he’s a master of that. However, his plan is a bit derailed when Hook finds him spying on his daughter. I mean, Rumple was being a bit stalkerish, so can you blame a man for being concerned for his daughter? And Hook also knows Rumple and his games with darkness. While he’s spying on her, he watches as the blossoming relationship with Alice and Robyn starts taking shape.

Then, Rumple just shows up in Alice’s house. There’s a thing called a door and knocking, dude. Don’t just show up into people’s homes unannounced and uninvited. Anyway, Alice warns him that he shouldn’t be there because Hook warned her in a letter about him. The letter ignored, Rumple sets Alice on a test. The test was to crush Facilier’s heart, and she’s about to do it, but has a change of heart. Alice is too good, and that is exactly what makes her the Guardian that Rumple needs.

Bookstore dates


Margot, with a T, finds Tilly with her troll. The better kind of troll, not a Twitter troll. There’s a difference. I apologize for my bad puns tonight, but I am really feeling the puns. She tells Tilly she would like to hang out with her. Hang out…wink, wink. Hanging out, otherwise known as a date! Off on their date they go, and Tilly is shocked to know that candy and fruit is a thing. Yeah, everything is a lot better with candy. Tilly was really missing out there.

After that, Margot tells Tilly the next adventure is up to her. So Tilly brings her to her favorite place in Hyperion—a local bookstore. Aw. Tilly leads her to the travel section of the library, telling Margot that this is the journies she’s able to embark on. Unlike all the adventures Margot has already gone on. Disregarding that, Margot tells Tilly she’s sure she’ll have many adventures. Oh, if she only knew! Alice of Wonderland and other places. However,Tilly starts hearing voices and runs out. Thankfully, Margot tells Tilly she’ll be there for her through the episodes. Sweet.

The chase


Rumple is off trying to get Facilier to just back off. He once again pops into his apartment uninvited. Again, Rumple, use a dang doorbell. On the other side of town, Rogers is scoping out Nick’s apartment with Henry. There’s movement in the apartment, and when Rogers goes to check things out, he is tripped by a mysterious person. That person being Naveen. No, Naveen. I want you to be a good guy, which he tells Rogers he is. Although, that chase they had down that series of stairs doesn’t exactly scream innocence. I’m just saying. It’s not looking good for you. Also, that was a lot of running. I’m tired from just watching it. Phew.

Rumple has finally found a way to chase away the darkness. As soon as he sees Alice free him from the darkness, he realizes that this is not what will make him good. So he decides to save Alice from the darkness and embraces it himself. Unlike the other times he embraced the darkness, he did this to be a good guy. I am really proud of him. He tells her that she needs to live her life, fall in love. Even Hook comes to thank him and tells him that they can be friends. Ohhhh is that a bromance brewing?! The pirate and the Dark One friends, unthinkable.

I am your father


This is when things get REAL. Well, as real as a show about fairy tales can get, but you get me. So, Regina is pretty peeved that Rumple is trying to steal the one thing that can save Henry’s life, pointing out that, hellllooooo, he’s his grandson. I sometimes forget that myself. Then Regina does the unthinkable, she friend breaks up with Rumple! Girl, no.

The moment of truth is then revealed when Henry tells Jacinda that he’s Lucy’s father. Jacinda, unsurprisingly, is shocked to hear this. I can’t blame her. I’d be like……

Only a few episodes until the series finale. There’s a lot of ground to cover before this book closes, and I’ll be interested to see what goes down. Ugh, Gothel episode next week. What did you think of this episode? Sound off below!

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