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‘Riverdale’ Musical Episode: Why 2×18 was the best of Season 2 (so far)!

Riverdale musical episode, Season 2, Episode 18, “Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember,” Aired April 18, 2018

FINALLY! After much anticipation, we finally got to see Riverdale‘s big musical episode. This show is no stranger to musical numbers, but even those paled in comparison to this take on Carrie, the Musical! Music and theater geekery aside, this episode also felt like true Riverdale and we are so excited!

Why Riverdale 2×18 is the best of Season 2

The music. Okay, as mentioned above, Riverdale has had musical numbers before. Josie and her rotating squad of band-mates has rocked it out on our screens in episodes past. We have even seen Betty and Veronica belt out a few numbers, and let’s not forget that Archie started this show as an aspiring musician! All of that was just a tiny taste of the talent that this cast has to offer! Everyone got in on the fun (sans Jughead) and it was amazing.

The teen angst and emotion. Teen angst is Riverdale‘s jam, but something about adding a song just heightens the emotions. In this case, most of the teen’s fights were resolved by their duets (Betty/Veronica and Josie/Cheryl). But for some (mainly Alice Cooper), it brought out the emotions that were on verge of coming out in everyday life. So far this season there has been major drama, but it felt off (and mob-ish). This episode brought the focus back to the relationships we are really here for.

The camera work. We have grown used to our resident novelist, Jughead, ushering us into each episode’s antics, but this episode gave us a new spin on that. He was still watching and observing, but this time he had a camera. Jughead’s camera work mixed in with the regular shots was such an interesting and fun way to experience all of the drama. He was also able to catch little moments and things that may have gone unnoticed otherwise (like the Midge/Ethel/Moose stuff). We’d love to see more of this!

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Fred and Archie. THANK GAWD these two are finally back on the same side. Archie does some pretty dumb shit on the regular, but we always forgive him because he is so lovable otherwise. Well, this season his distance from Fred really made him less likable. With this horribly unsafe looking tractor car, Archie and Fred’s bond is back in action and so is our Archie. Welcome back boys! Season 2 needed you!

Black Hood. Hells to the yeah. The resolution of the Black Hood story sucked, there I said it. It felt like we lost out on something as epic as the Jason truth reveal of Season 1. Now that that the Black Hood (or a copy cat) is back and more dangerous than ever, this feels like the show we signed up for. Also, RIP Midge. That was brutal.

Mystery/Noir. Something that felt off about season 2 was the lack of a lengthy mystery (like we had in Season 1). One of the best parts of watching this show was the endless theories about who killed Jason Blossom. This show works best as a gritty noir set in an idealistic, otherwise perfect town. This episode gave us that feeling again.

Cheryl. Okay, this was just the best. Cheryl may have reformed a little this season, but her final moments in this episode served as a reminder of just what she is capable of. She is dramatic AF and now she has the confidence to stand up to her mother (covered in blood no less). Letting Cheryl’s crazy, fierce side out was one of the best parts of the episode and hopefully, it continues throughout the season.

What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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