‘Gotham’ recap: 4×19 “To Our Deaths and Beyond”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 19, “To Our Deaths and Beyond,” Aired April 19, 2018

This episode had a League of Shadows civil war and lots of team-ups, which are, of course, followed by betrayals. There is lots of drama in the League, and friendships are tested all around. Compared to some of the recent episodes, this episode was calmer, but let’s dig in, shall we?
And I just had to – “curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”


Try it, Zombie Boy

Bruce gets some use out of his new car, as Tabitha teams up with BatCat – well, sort of. Tabitha uses Selina to get Bruce to where she needs him. Why? To resurrect Ra’s al Ghul. Selina wouldn’t have gone with the plan if she was told that ahead of time. Oh, boy.

Not only is Ra’s al Ghul annoyed to have been awoken from death, but upon hearing that Barbara is letting the League down, he threatens to kill her and take the Demon’s Head back for himself. Not really what Tabitha had in mind when she agreed to help out. Betrayals all around.

Gotham 4x19 recap To Our Deaths and Beyond Barbara and Tabitha versus Ras al Ghul

This sparks a fight between the Ra’s al Ghul loyalists and Barbara’s League of Shadows. Barbara masters the Demon’s Head by fighting Ra’s al Ghul. And immediately after she realizes the skill, she watches Ra’s al Ghul kill Tabitha. When given another chance to save her friend, Barbara chooses Tabitha over her power. Looks like Ra’s al Ghul is here to stay, at least for a little. But on the bright side for Barbara, the women of the League wish to follow her, regardless of the mark.

The operation

Alfred fakes a heart attack while Selina drops down from the ceiling to get the blade back. Yes, that blade (the one that Bruce used to kill Ra’s al Ghul). With Bruce, Selina, Alfred, Barbara, and Tabitha working together, the blade is easily obtained, but then there is some disagreement over who should wield the blade. We all know it has to be Bruce, but Barbara takes it for herself, and she runs off with the other Sirens of Gotham.

Gotham 4x19 recap To Our Deaths and Beyond Selina Kyle plays mediator

Selina changes her mind pretty quickly when she learns that Barbara and Tabitha really don’t have much of a plan to go after Ra’s al Ghul, and she leaves Barbara’s team to rejoin Bruce and Alfred. All Selina really wants is for everyone to come together with the common goal of killing Ra’s al Ghul (again). Young Catwoman is wise, but this is Gotham. People tend not to get along.


Gotham 4x19 recap To Our Deaths and Beyond Penguin and Grundy want to team up with Riddler and Lee

Penguin and Grundy attempt to join the new team-up between The Riddler and Lee. Nygmakins are not really into that, happy to keep robbing banks on their own. Lee wants to use the money to help the people of The Narrows, but Nygma has a little breakdown about his plan for the money.

Gotham 4x19 recap To Our Deaths and Beyond Ed Nygma The Riddler betrays

Once The Riddler regains control, he accepts Penguin and Grundy’s offer behind Lee’s back. Together, the three scheme to deal with Lee and continue wreaking havoc on Gotham…

But The Riddler double-crosses his old friend Oswald in order to protect Lee. Betrayal!

A Dark Knight

Gotham 4x19 recap To Our Deaths and Beyond Bruce Wayne the Dark Knight

Ra’s al Ghul interrupts a precious BatCat moment to tell Bruce about a vision in which a fire consumes Gotham, molding the teenager into “a dark knight.” And we know from Barbara’s attempts at mastering the Demon’s Head that the person who possess the mark can see past, present, and future. With Bruce’s future as Batman approaching closer every episode, the rest of the season should be really interesting.


The next episode doesn’t air until May 3, but there are only 3 episodes left this season! Jeremiah comes back, and I can’t wait to see what he’s been up to. When Gotham returns, it looks like Bruce gets even closer to becoming Batman, accepting his fate as told to him by Ra’s al Ghul. I get the feeling we haven’t seen the end of Ra’s al Ghul himself, and I hope to see more of Penguin and The Riddler after their little fallout tonight. See you in two weeks, Gothamites!

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